Bus ride but that's not alol

Yesterday early evening I was on the Grey Hound bus from Moses Lake to Seattle after visiting with one of my past GF and before the bus had traveled 15 miles down the highway the gent that was sitting next to me if I wanted the window seat and I told him no problem and went back to reading my novel.
He kept asking me questions and I was becoming a bit annoyed at his persistence bout bothering me and I looked him right into his eyes and OMG he had the type of eyes that drug you into his soul and my lips parted I licked them and the next ting I know I am kissing him and I mean kissing him my toung searching out the cavity of his mout6h and he would bit so tenderly from time and time again then I felt his hands upon my bare breasts as he started in playing with my nipples making them stand out and super hard, my head flew back and he latched upon my neck with his lips and began sucking moving from one spot to another has his hands kept busy with my breasts.
My chest started in rizing to meet his mouth for somehow my blouse became unbuttoned and my breasts was his and man did he latch onto them and began sucking upon my nipple drawing it deep into his mouth making my nipple longer than it was before and the burning in my loins became more inflamed.
The next thing I knew we were in Ellensburg and where did 1 hour 35 minutes disappear to? He buttoned my blouse up and straightened out my skirt and put the arm rest down between us then the driver over the intercom said we'd be having a 45 minute lay over till departure for Seattle via about 15 dinky hobuck towns along the way and he asked me if I would like to have dinner with him and I accepted being it was like 740 at night.
We went into the depot and to the diner and it was packed but we found a small booth way in the back and the waitress said she wouldn't forget we were there as she led the way back giving us our coffee. I sat across from him and again he captivated me by his eyes and wow his bare foot slid between my legs right on my pubs and began playing and I got wetter and wetter as he slid down a bit and rubbed my clit making it harder than it was already. I kept starring into his eyes and it was like he was holding onto me and had me in a trance pulling me deeper and deeper into his soul. My breathing became very erratic and my heart fluttering and I was becoming more and more aroused and I had my first orgasm and I had to put my hand over my mouth not to let every one in the diner know and I kept bucking on his toes as he pressed himself harder against me driving me to a continuous orgasm my whole body felt like it was bucking against his foot and I felt his bare foot against my wet puss beneath my bikini panties as I was bucking against him his toes parted my lips and was rubbing or should I say I was rubbing my puss against his foot getting his big toe parting my lips as he slipped into me with no problems as wet as I was.
H4e stopped for a second told me to come and sit by his side and he got up taking hold of my hand and I continued to stare into his eyes and he slid me in against the wall and he sat on the outside of the bench seat right up close to me as he reached down kissing my lips over and over as his toung parted my lips searching the depts. of my mouth as our toungs intertwined with each others he began sucking on mine pulling my lips tighter into his and his hand held my head brushing up against my cheek and he broke our kiss and again his eyes captivated mine and drew me back into him. Our lips again met as I starred into his eyes and his hands went right to my bare breasts and started in teasing my erect nipples and I started in squirming, I couldn't hold myself still for a moment and the cushion became quite wet with my fluids making it quite slippery, and before long my mind felt something quite slimy brush against my pussy lips parting them pushing it's way into me as it began swelling getting more firm and hardening inside of me swelling getting thicker and thicker as we became locked together. It started in fucking me and I started in bucking against this invader and I became powerless to do anything about it. Two more latched upon my nipples drawing my nips deep into them and they to was doing things to them even I haven't thought of during the times I masturbated and another started in pushing against my anus getting me wet from my juices and the slime the one in my puss sprayed against me as it entered me mixing it with the juices this thing was spraying onto my anus as it to slipped inside of me and it to began swelling to the brink of almost becoming painful as it shrunk down a bit and all of them went frantic inside of me as I continued to stare into the guy's eyes, our eyes locked together and I started in cumming and he placed his mouth over mine keeping my screams between us as my body thrashed about in one big continuous monstrous orgasm and I passed out and fell limp into the seat blocking any escape from any of my orifices.

When I awoke the bus had already left and the guy was gone but there on the table in front of me was his card I picked it up and started in reading it and that's as far as I got till it started all over again inside of me. Dr. Jamison Wright
mind control and deep hypnosis a specialty then the address and three different phone numbers.


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  • I used to live in Moses lake or as the locals call it Moses hole. I now live in ellensberg. I work at a coffee stand. I know the area really well. In the summer I go to mattoon pond on the North side by the trees and bushes, I sunbathe nude so men will find me. If you come back I would love to have another woman watch as the old stinky fishermen have their way with me.

  • Tell us more. This sounds hot.

  • I never go to the lake on the weekends , it's too busy. I go early it gets very hot here. The afternoon is windy. At the far end of the lake there's a great spot. Sometimes I am legitimately sunbathing sometimes I just go to have sex. I'm 23 I am a little chubby. I see men coming down the path so I lay naked right in the way.

  • So you just let guy's fuck you ?

  • Some do but most just stop and talk to me and look at me some put tanning oil but not all most just say hi and chat for a second and walk off

  • What exactly did you get penetrated by?

  • I really don't know.

  • That's kind of scary. It sounds like you were taken advantage of. What else do you remember about it?

  • I vaguely remember him touching my breasts at times and his touch was soft and electrifying making my whole body quiver or did he? Did he actually touch me or was it all in my mind? I don't really know.
    All I know is when I called him and spoke to him for just a few minutes he was doing it to me again over the phone and about a hour ago I got a text from him saying he was going to be at the Riverside park this afternoon if I wanted to see him again. He told me where he'd be at 130 this afternoon and yes I am going for I have so many questions that are unanswered.

  • Be careful.

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