Beach vacay

After an exhausting divorce from a cheating husband, I was alone for a summer, so my brother invited me to tag along for a week-long vacation to the beach. We were supposed to meet there, but the others couldn't make it on time because their car broke down, so it was just me and my brother for the first few days. It was okay, my brother is cool, we're pretty close and get along well. We met some people, who then introduced us to more people, who knew people that were holding a beach party somewhere else, so we went at night. A bunch of alcohol and drugs just for us. We were getting really into it and we were already tipsy and high when we realized it was kind of a sex party: we saw couples having sex in tents. Let's just say that on top of everything, I was also horny from months of not having sex, so I was getting carried away by the mood. I was willing to be picked up for a one night stand.
There came a moment when everything was just a blur. I was kissing someone, and then someone else, but I could only grasp anything for a few seconds. At one time, I realized my brother and I were grinding against each other. I don't know if he was too drunk and stoned to notice or not, but I was turned on, no one there knew we were siblings, and I had always found him extremely hot. So I stood up and led him by the hand to the first empty tent I saw. I started to be more lucid during foreplay, but I didn't want to stop then.
And that was the most intense, raw, dirty, animal fuck I've had in the last 20 years. I let him have his way with me and by whatever god you believe in, I lost track of how many times I came, the way that leaves you shaking and gasping for air. The moment I felt his cum inside me, I kissed him deeply... and when he passed out, I left (and then picked up a clueless teenager there, to teach him how a real woman does it). tothis day, I don't know if he remembers anything or if he was at least someone conscious. I spent the night in another tent and, as far as I know, he woke up where I left him. Neither of us has brought the subject up ever since.


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  • You should talk to him. I had amazing sex with my sister in the past. He probably remembers.

  • We did shortly after I posted this and... yeah, it was very awkward. I asked him to meet at my place, and I told him about it. He was VERY uncomfortable, claiming he was so stoned and out of it he didn't know if it had actually happened, since he only remembered bits of it. I told him it had happened, and that I had enjoyed it A LOT. When he went quiet in shock, I kissed him. He gave in, and let's just say we spent the whole weekend inside.

  • Good for you! Funny that your brother with defensive at first and then you told him you liked it and he totally changed! Lol. Like I said before I've had sex with my sister and we had some great times, absolutely no regrets. Just remember birth control.

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