Is this true

Can someone tell me if this is true. Me and my wife were talking about the guys she's been with. And how good they were in bed. She says that uncut cock feels better inside of her. I don't see what the difference is besides being uncut. Does anyone know if its true.

9 months ago

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    • Honestly as a woman married to a guy that’s uncut! I totally agree with her! Uncut guys are a lot more enjoyable, and to say that they are smelly and gross is totally inaccurate! If they don’t practice good hygiene they yes, but so would everyone else.

    • Uncut cocks taste funny and not nice

    • It may be true for your wife but not for everyone. People are not all the same.

    • Uncut cocks are really smelly, like vinegar and ass crack in one

    • No they're not.

    • My wife says the uncut guys were gross and she hated going down on them.

    • Yep, the smell especially. Uncut men a gross, they usually have a white deposit of some kind...reeks sour and gross

    • Unless they bathe. Uncut is perfectly normal and good.

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