Sub Fantasy, what is wrong with me?

I am a very feisty and dominating girl, I listen to no one and do whatever I please, obviously I am dominating in the bed room too...but here's the thing..I want someone to put me in my place so bad! I want a man to overpower me, tie me and do whatever he pleases with me..pinch and suck and bite my nipples and have me ride him, cum in me, over my tits, and just use me for his pleasure. I would NEVER willingly do this, lol so I would have to be forced and that idea of me being someone's sex slave is sooo hot!!

Im conflicted because I believe women should be strong, but I also want someone to make me do what he wants, share me with his friends, make me strip, just do whatever, it gets me really hot.

1 month ago


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    • Are you married and fertile. Not on birth control would make it so much more exciting. To forcibly impregnate a married woman that deep inside her she wants it.

    • Having had a sub for a gf, i can tell you that you are not alone or weird. Some women do get off on exactly what you are describing. Nothing wrong with it all

    • Its okay to be in charge. It's also okay to submit to a man. You do you!

    • Do you have a guy in mind? Do you want him to read your mind? Or you could tell him

    • I can do this for you. u want? ive got ideas you may like.

    • Well I think rape would let you do that

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