My 41 year old niece

So has I have gotten older I can remember my niece, she looks a lot like her mother. She is now in Her early 40s and married with children. I don’t get to see her often but have wondered what she looks like nude at 40. So her husband and I have had conversations about various things over the years and one day I asked him to take suggestive pics of her after they got married. He did not respond at first but then I said listen one day you will be my age and wish you had taken some special pics of her so that when you are old and gray you can look back and remember how hot she looked. Fast forward several years and I had the opportunity to asked if he ever did what I told him to do? He said he had some professional pics made and had them on his iPad. As hard as I tried he only showed me one or two. Well last week they were here and I asked just let me see them and he did and the pics were very well done. I asked please text me one or two so I can fantasize about her. He would not but I pulled my iPhone out and as he showed a pic or 2 I was snapping the image and although the angle was not great I did get to see some mostly covered boobs and now I have my fantasy catalog set so as I get older I can continue to admire her. I am an old pervert but still can dream!!!

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  • My husband does not fuck me. I am looking for sex chat. Chat with me now:

  • A friend of mine showed me pics of his niece and although I thought it was a little creepy, she was in her 40s and looked good enough to ea. And the pics looked like she enjoyed showing her nude body!

  • I had my niece before she was my niece. She was 18 and work8ng at the dealership. We started having sex, I’m only 9 years older than her. Then she said her aunt needed a job, and she was hot. I was trying to bang both at the same time. Eventually we started dating, once in awhile I was still fucking her niece, but it stopped. But not before I got my pics and videos. We don’t speak about the past though, and my wife doesn’t know

  • Got any that I could see?

  • Yeah, older and creepy.

  • Probably so but say that when you reach my age and maybe you don’t fantasize like I do. So let me have my fun I will be gone soon!

  • This is your niece. Show her some respect. There are plenty of sources to see sexy photos of beautiful women.

  • You are absolutely right . He did not have to show me the pics so he has some fault in this but again each of us sins, some worse than others. If I were in my 20s and saw those pics I am sure I would have to unload a load, but as old as I am, could not get it up anyway

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