Pics of daughter-in-law

My son married later in life. So while most of his friends married in their early 20s, He was near 40. That would put me in my 60s. Anyway they had a baby and as the child got old enough to watch children’s videos on their laptop, I was able to sit and show you tube children videos to the child. At some point I realized that there were many pictures in the photo file on the laptop. When I first looked, I did not see anything special but then there it was, I was seeing very close to nude pics of my very hot looking daughter in law. It is hard to explain the pleasure I got from seeing her. I have continued to check out the file when I can and can now say I have seen different pics of her beautiful body. I even sent a few of the pics to my phone but have deleted all of them, don’t need the wife or the son to know what I have seen. but I do have my fantasies.


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  • I've gone through my step son's phone and have found a video of him and his girlfriend. Video did not disappoint, now I'm kinda hooked and want more.

  • DPED Jess

  • My friend, let me tell you I’m 43 and my son is 25, I asked him for his password to get into his notes on the phone for an account we share, while he was in the shower, I don’t know why but I looked through his photos, and sure enough there was pics of my daughter in-law in there. Lots of pics, lots of nudes too. I haven’t been able to look at her the same. And the next available time I get his phone, I’m going to airdrop those photos to my phone

  • I airdropped pics also and love seeing what a beautiful young girl of 30 looks like naked. Per joy

  • Sometimes I wish my son and his wife knew that I had seen some great pics of her, they would take more pics of her in various poses from clothed to completely nude. The last pic would have written on a note, “ Glad you enjoyed the pics” I can tell you this, she is beautiful, either way!!!

  • If there was just a way to see her revealing more of her goodies, even wearing a bikini would be nice.

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