JO Buddy Right Next Door!!!

Mike and Kathy live right next door to us. I've always had a thing for Kathy, since she looks a lot like the porn star Brianna Beach. And since I'm bisexual (unbeknownst to my wife), I've always had a thing for Mike, too. The thought of doing them in a three-way is one of my go-to fantasies.

It turns out that Mike has a thing for my wife, too. I'd suspected this for awhile...the way that he ogles her long legs whenever we're having drinks together out on our patios. So I came right out and asked him about it one day about a month ago. He blushed and grinned and told me, yeah, he masturbates to thoughts of fucking my wife all the I told him that makes two of us...that I beat off to thoughts of fucking Kathy almost daily.

All of us are in our late-50s, early 60s. No kids at home. Not retired...still working. Mike and I both work from home offices while our wives leave us alone each day to head out to their office jobs.

We both agree, however, that we're never going to have group sex with the wives. It'll never happen. So we've opted for the next best thing.

After our wives leave for work, one of us will text the other inviting him to come over. If Mike texts me, it means he wants me to come over so that he can tell me all about what he's been up to with my wife. If I text Mike, it means I want him to come over to my place and tell me what he's been doing to my wife. We both strip naked the minute we're in each other's houses. Sometimes we'll even go out onto our patios. Our backyards are very secluded.

Mike is huge. Easily 8" cut and extremely thick. He keeps his pubes close cropped and his balls, crotch and asshole completely clean shaven. I'm only 5" cut (and that's on a good day LOL). I keep telling him how much my wife would appreciate "a real man's cock" like his and how Kathy must love it.

"I've never had any complaints," he tells me. "From any woman."

We shoot some pretty nice loads together. Mike isn't bisexual but he knows that I am, so he'll often ejaculate on me which I very much enjoy. So fucking hot. I love cleaning up his mess.

Jun 27
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I think I want to suck a cock for the first time


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    • UPDATE: Since originally posting this in June (and to answer a couple of the questions below), Mike has started making me suck his cock AND lick his asshole. It's so fucking incredible sitting back totally naked on my heels outside on our patios with my hands on his hips running my tongue up and down the length of his crack and cleaning out his filthy shitter with my tongue. So very yummy. Then he spins around and starts smacking his horse cock back and forth across my face, calling me a "fucking faggot" and ordering me to "suck on it" just like my "bitch wife" does. Of course I'm masturbating furiously the whole while he's doing this. I shoot ROPES of cum in ways that I haven't done in YEARS!

    • Ever think you will lick his asshole ?

    • CORRECTION: If Mike texts me, it means he wants me to come over so that he can tell me all about what he's been up to with my wife. If I text Mike, it means I want him to come over to my place so that I can tell him all about what Kathy and I have been up to.

      I gotta drink less scotch when I'm typing these things LOL.

    • Why don’t you suck his cock, you said you were bi, I sure would

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