2nd time bi

We were at the place we always go to for our summer holiday, my wife was out the front of the complex in the pool with our kids, I was in the garage with the door up a couple of inches while I was squatting down at the front of the car pants off wanking my cock and smoking a joint. Suddenly the door goes up then down, in walks Noel who was in the apartment next to us. Woah he said when he came up next to me, I didn't have time to cover up or anything, just stubbed out the joint and there he was next to me, he pulled down his shorts and said do you mind if I wank with you as he pulls out his semi hard Cock and starts stroking it right in front of my face, I don't think I'd ever seen another man's cock this close before, it looked fucken awesome. I'm always horny while smoking weed hence my pants off wanking myself, it was probably because I didn't answer him and the fact that I hadn't taken my eyes of his big hard Cock since he pulled it out that he stepped closer and pushed his Cock straight into my open mouth he was leaning against the wall behind me with both hands and started rocking back and forward slowly Fucking my mouth, I never tried stopping him, at all. His Cock was about 7# or so, I just let him Fuck my mouth like the little slut I then felt like. It was so hot, his balls were slapping on my chin as he really started pounding my mouth and throat, moaning. I didn't want this to Ever end, was it because I was kinda being forced, was it because I was once sucked off by a friend when I was 16 and didn't return the favour, but secretly regretted not sucking him off in return, or was I gay. Didn't really know or care.
he said are you ready and started emptying his heavy balls into my mouth I didn't think, just swallowed and swallowed gulping down his hot load never gagged at all. OMG I just sucked a cock swallowed his sperm and Love love loved it. Every time he tried pulling out of my mouth I pulled him back in, I was so excited to be finally sucking a Cock I did not want it to end, Only when I was satisfied I had swallowed every last droplet and he was limp in my mouth did I finally let him pull out.

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  • I have sucked cock on and of for years but I have been with a female for 3 years now such a horny bitch she loves 2 cocks at the same time we both get to suck and play with another cock

  • I would love to join the two of you

  • I wish we were neighbors

  • Fuck!! I wished this would happen to me!! Ive been wanted to see what it felt like to suck another mans cock and have him shoot his load in my mouth. I want taste that cum so bad. I once jacked off on my wifes pussy and licked my own cum off of her, fucking turned me on.

  • Not long ago i tasted my first cock and now I cant get enough. I am married and love and am in love with my wife but am also so eager to suck cock. The bigger and harder the cock the bettter. Any colour.
    Any takers?

  • If you live in South Georgia I will be more than happy to join

  • Went from sucking cock and loving cum to being his bottom he pounded his load in my ass and I loved it want more much more he can fuck me anytime he wants to the more the better

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