Question for the Older Guys

I’m 60 yo male and happily married for 40 years. I sometimes think about some the girlfriends I had when I was a teen and wonder what it would be like to hook up with them again. Do any of you do the same?

Mar 21

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    • I def don't want any of my ex's - maybe one but not seen a recent photo of her, lol.
      My wife was a "good girl" before she met me. Prior BFs only got to feel her then little tits and just one got to finger her pussy. We know two of them still and one we see socially occasionally. We have both played quite a bit and I have suggested that she lets them have what they missed out on all those years ago. Not going to happen though

    • They are either dead or put away in assisted living homes ...

    • After being married for 15 I hooked up with an ex I dated in high school. Still the best fuck I have ever had.

    • Hell no. I see a lot of their pics on Facebook via our high school reunion page and none of them have aged well.

    • I’d go fuck some of them. Elizabeth (best female head ever), Lisa (black girl fucked like a bunny and always wanted it), Diane (sexy), Donna (needs to be taught a lesson in all 3 holes), and Barbara (my first). But not Christine (too big), Amy (bitch), or Jessica (squirlly).

    • Love black pussy myself. My last one 37 could never get enough of daddy lol

    • You mutherfucker!! You lying piece of shit!! Go away loser

    • You are an asshole. Fuck off or go on another website jerkoff

    • Dumb Dago cocksucker

    • Yeah and you would love to suck me🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • All but one, she shot up and killed her old man and got away with it. Claimed self defense, that bitch was crazy in her teens, sure she just got worse over time. She's fine as fuck though, when I see her she flirts like crazy. Fuck that nonsense! Ain't sticking my dick in anything that crazy ever again! Married 36.. lol

    • I am 63 and still fucking younger. Youngest was 19 a year ago. Serious daddy issues. In my 23 years in Vegas there was enough young pussy to keep me satisfied. Yes i would go back to a few myself especially Nancy.

    • Get off of these posts you fake little punk!! You fucking cocksucker , you need a beating and I’d love to administer it.

    • And the same goes for you. Come to California and I'll show you a good time fucktard
      Bring your wife or gf if you can even GET ONE and I'll service her too🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • You are a loser. You should stay of this site

    • Oh really now. Comeon down and I'll slap you with my big Italian dick😂

    • The fuck you will needle dick .

    • I am in California. Come see me and I'll shove my Italian sausage up your skinny white ass

    • I'm 53 I just regret not doing the nasty kinky shit I'm into these days. As we know older we get kinker we are

    • I did - fucked like rabbits for a year then it turned sour. Lost contact. Saw a picture of her yesterday - not ageing well. Best left alone.

    • That’s what she said.

    • That depends. As long as you don’t have visions of them still bring 18 or 20 years old and want to live in the good old days. I’ve found it interesting to talk with someone I had not seen in 50 years and compare notes on the direction we went in our lives.

      As far as sexual… no… sometimes it is best to leave that in the past…. keep good memories and not spoil it….

    • I agree. I like to talk about the past. Seeing old friends again. Doing it again would not be the d as me z as nd ruin old fond memories.

    • Nope. Not here. They are as old as I am. I like them younger than me, now.

      When I was much younger, I liked them older, but times have changed.

    • Very often

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