Netflix Cuties hot or not?

I have recently watch Cuties on Netflix and I have to admit that the girls on this film are totally hot, especially Angelica ( the one with the glasses ). What do you think?



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  • Hot!!!!!!!!!!

  • Not.

  • Must be gay lol

  • Netflix cancellations surge 'materially' in the wake of 'Cuties' controversy, data shows

    Netflix (NFLX), facing serious backlash following the release of the French coming-of-age film “Cuties,” is seeing a wave of cancellations on the platform, new data suggests.

    According to subscription analytics firm Antenna, Netflix cancellations surged 5x the normal amount following the release of “Cuties.”
    Meanwhile, Data analytics firm YipitData reported a similar trend, with the company telling Yahoo Finance that Netflix’s U.S. churn “rose materially” last weekend in the wake of the controversy. As of last Saturday, disconnects were running at nearly 8x the daily levels observed in August — a multi-year high, YipitData added.

    “Cuties” has faced bipartisan blowback, with high profile politicians like Republican Senator Ted Cruz and Hawaii Rep. Tulsi Gabbard — who ran for the Democratic presidential nomination — hammering the film for over-sexualizing young girls. In recent days, the hashtag #CancelNetflix has been a big social media trending topic.

    Thats what normal people think about Cuties ass wipe
    I don't have Netflix now.

  • No one cares what you think

  • Each to their own. All you had to say was not

  • All the OP had to do is not post this crap.

  • It's perfectly normal for a mature man to be sexually attracted to girls that age, it's a primal urge, that's the way the male brain has been wired. Early in human evolution we didn't live very long, we needed to reproduce at a younger age so we didn't become another extinct species. Males cannot change the way there brains are wired, so they can't control there sexual attraction to preteen females either.

  • Well said! So true

  • I am a mature man and I have no interest in young girls.

  • I have!!!

  • Fuck you pal

  • Truth hurts

  • Definitely hot!!!!!

  • Fuck off pedophilic you are a sick fuck

  • You still haven't answered the question

  • Anyone is doesn't get a hard on watching this has got ED! LOL

  • You are a sick fucking pedophilic. leave the children alone sick fuck.

  • I bet deep down you feel guilty because you find the film hot!

  • You didn't answer the question lol

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