No Glasses = Be Still My Beating Heart!

Many people look different without their glasses on, especially when their facial expression is more calm.

My thoughts about this coworker is not from seeing him without his glasses on yesterday, as it wasn't the first time. I have kind of been a bit curious about this coworker, as he as appeared in my dreams before. Months ago, I had to tell myself to not look at his hands as I was curious about how his fingers would fit inside me. However, last week, I had a dream where he and I had sex.

I didn't think I'd be able to look at my coworker in the eye (not that I typically look people in the eye) because of that dream, but I got lucky last week because he was on "vacation".

As I said before, I have seen my coworker without glasses one time and it surprised me as it was one of the things I was curious about him. He looked different. Not good different, not bad different, but different. Then again, he had a look of concentration on his face. However, I saw him with his glasses off again yesterday and everything was different.

He had his glasses off for longer and he looked surprisingly good. I don't know if it's because he had a calmer facial expression or there's some residual horny from the dream I had last week, but seeing him without his glasses on had my heart racing and my feet racing to another coworker as that other coworker has mentioned seeing sex dream coworker without glasses on. That coworker is going to get some pictures of sex dream coworker for me.

I want sex dream coworker over at my house. I know people say not to have relations with coworkers, but my parents met at work. Besides, what's the harm of a little fun? The only things stopping me are that sex dream coworker is in his mid-40s and I'm in my late 20s and he takes care of his widower father.

11 months ago

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