Socially Masturbates With Friends

When i was young, about 12-14, me and my friends used to socially masturbate at Girl Scout Camp. Usually, two or more girls would bring vibrators, one or two would bring dildos, and we'd all masturbate while talking casually about the day, weather, or hot guys.
One time, the councilor found us doing this. We thought she'd be mad at us and tell our parents. But instead, she showed us how to 'properly' masturbate. According to her, it was healthy and better than doing drugs.
Our parents never found out. Some of us are still in touch, and meet up to watch Netflix and masturbate like the good old days. Only now, we have popcorn and chocolate.
I'll admit, i miss Girl Scout camp. But that councilor was chill as fuck. Awesome person.


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  • Don't most people do that now, its called chattabate

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