I want to watch my wife swallow

My wife an I have been married for 28yrs. I’m 50 and she is 48. She has always been stunningly beautiful and that hasn’t changed over the years! She has brown hair, green eyes, gorgeous tits, with a little help from a boob job, and has kept a beautiful shaved pussy most of our marriage. I’ve never really had a desire to see her fuck someone else but I have always wanted to see her suck another guy off swallowing their cum. She swallows my cum from time to time and really seems into it. After 28 yrs I may tell her my fantasy if the conversation ever comes up. She’s pretty straight laced but she might just agree to do it. Anyone else have this fantasy

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  • She will for the right cock. There is always some guy out there who can charm the pants off her. In the end she will be doing more than just sucking a guys cocks , She will be out there on the prowl and doing unsuspecting young studs who manage to get themselves into her grip.

  • I love hearing stories from my wife of her with other guys. She told me that while she has sucked other guys cocks she much prefers a good hard hot deep fucking. I found out recently that my little cock has never given her an orgasm. She had an affair with an old boyfriend that lasted not 9 months but off and on during our 30 year marriage. She needed his larger 8 inch cock to fulfill her needs. I still love her so much. I don't care about the affair. It just makes me love her even more. I'm so happy she got what she needed from him. She still fucked me. I got lots of great sex. She hardly ever said no to me. I am very lucky to be married to a woman like her. One that even though my little 4.5 inch penis wasn't enough for her took care of my needs and made me happy. So I would never ask or think of telling her she can't get what she desires also. Yeah she was cuckolding me before I knew it. But is that so bad? Unlike women who cheat and fuck around on their mates she was fucking an old lover who she still loved. In my book she is hands down the best type of wife a man could have. I wish men who are small like me could find a love like mine. She refuses to make fun of my size even though I tell her it's alright. She has always wanted to make me feel good about myself . She said that although I haven't given her any orgasms , she has enjoyed making love with me. Hope others realize that women need lots of love and it's okay if they have a lover. Certainly not the worst thing that could happen. She has even let me enjoy the love of another lady . How many wives let their men do that? Not many that's for sure.

  • You are not alone.. I love hearing her tell me about her first bj with her hi school bf.... or of other guys.. she knows I want to watch her naked sucking..mouthfucking..a hard cock.... ....

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