Wish Mom had Spanked me

I was fascinated by spanking from the youngest age I can remember. It was long before I understood what sex or a fetish was.

I never got spanked growing up. I didn’t know that to be the case at the time. My mom would threaten to in rare occasions, so I believed it was a real possibility. I was very afraid of it as a real punishment. Yet also was curious about it to the extreme.

I guess I thought as a kid one day, sooner or later, I’d get in trouble enough push things too far, and get a spanking. But I never did.

Despite my very real fear of it, I would daydream all the time about what it would be like. These feelings intensified around age 11-13. It’s also at the time when the idea of just how utterly embarrassing it would be intensified.

My conflicted desires made me think I was crazy. One minute I would be thinking about hatching some “plan” to get my mom to spank me, then the next minute snap out of it and realize how humiliated I was at the thought.

I especially fixated on the baring. As much I was was sure it would hurt a lot too, what mostly ran through my head was the image of having to just be helpless while Mom pulled my pants and underwear down. Secondary were thoughts of how embarrassing it would also be to cry from the spanking and having to spend the rest of the day with a red bottom.

In a few of the most-tense times, I got sorta-kinda close to going through with one of my little “plans.” They were childish and simple, of course. They ranged from using reverse psychology, to intentionally misbehaving, to outright asking her.

I never worked up the nerve to go through with it, and deeply regret it. I can’t really imagine how she would have reacted.

But, I really really wish somehow that, at least once, Mom had given me a good, long, hard, bare-bottom spanking so I’d know what the experience was really like.

I feel like to amount of role play as an adult really lives up to real experience.


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  • I never had my mom do that. I got spanked a lot, sure, but it was over jeans or whatever I was wearing.

    I got in trouble at my aunt's house when my parents were out of town. I was kind of a cocky kid and really didn't think she'd spank me; I just thought I'd get a talking to or something like that. She told me to put my hands on the bed while standing beside it and warned me not to move them. I was in complete shock when she bared my butt. I froze and she began. I tried to fight the tears but lost that battle, also. She truly humbled me that day. I never mouthed off to her again and she had a very commanding presence in my eyes from that day forward.

  • Hi I’m sorry you missed out on a spanking from your mother I was 12 when I was caught in my mums Panities , tights and slippers I hadn’t really thought about her spanking me but on this day she was livid and pulled my tights and panties down I was rock hard being put over her bare knee it was very erotic I don’t know why as mum said I want to act like a naughty girl I wil treat you like one and the spanking really did sting but all I could think about was me rubbing up against her bare thigh but it was an amazing 5 mins I will never forget

  • My mother spanked me. One day when we had a snow day off from school. She took me and yanked my pajamas and underwear down. Laid me across her lap and started to let me have it with her soft open hand. I can remember hearing the sound her hand made on my bare naked ass. I was very turned on by it. My penis was hard as a rock. I leaked all over her. I would use a Sears catalog looking at women in bras and panties to masturbate when I was supposed to be getting a bath. I forgot to lock the door one day and she walked in on me laying on the floor with my ass going up and down like I was fucking. She got my dad's belt and whipped the living daylights out of me. My ass and parts of my legs were covered in welts and felt super hot to the touch from the whipping. I even shot my load due to being so aroused while it hurt like crazy. I then started to spank myself with different objects including a ping pong paddle. It got me off so fucking awesome. When I was 18 . I convinced my girlfriend to spank me using a paddle and a belt. I would cum all over her and it was truly the best fun. I wish my mom would spank my bare naked ass now. She has threatened to do it and that alone made my cock twinge and start to grow. I so want her to whip the shit out of me and make cum shoot all over her legs.

  • I'm sure that if she threatened you again and you lowered your pants/underwear and laid face-down across her lap, you'd make it a lot easier for her to follow through with her threat.

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