Pee fetish

I'm a 27 year old female and I get this strong urge to pee on sofas, beds, upholstered chairs, and carpets or thick rugs. I only do it on other people's stuff, tho. I go on all kinds of dates with guys and let them take me home and get undressed; sex is optional, but I really cum when I pee on their stuff. I've done this over a hundred times, and only 4 times have i gotten slapped, punched or kicked. Usually they either just get mad and tell me to get out or they are very nice about it. One guy actually got off on me peeing on his sofa and made several more dates with me. I peed on his recliner, on the carpet twice and even his bed. I quit seeing him after the fifth day because his apartment had started smelling like a zoo. lol. I've also peed my pants (always black jeans) when i used to go to the movies. I love just letting go in that cushioned seat while watching the movie and then just getting up and walking out when the movie's over. No one even notices when i wear black pants!

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  • Young Lady if you ever peed on my sofa or chair, I would pull down your pants then take you over my knee pull down your panties and spank your ass until you could not sit for a week is that understood?

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  • I had a fight with my girlfriend one time and when she was away I pissed all over her favorite rug. Stood naked in the middle of the living room and moved the coffee table. Then I stroked my cock semi hard and then let it rip. She thought it was her poodle. I can remember her walking by and it made her little pink socks all wet. She got down and smelled the rug. Then she got up and started yelling at the dog. I just sat there drinking my beer and laughing while she went to wash her feet and change her socks. Nothing gave me more satisfaction than pissing all over that fancy high dollar oriental carpet. Dumb ass stupid bitch.

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