Classified As Trailer Trash

I live in a low income section of town. The neighborhood is known for some of the different types of people that reside there. When I was younger and going to school , behind my back the kids noted me as 'Trailer Trash'. It took some time to figure out what that term meant. I didn't live in a trailer and my folks kept the place clean. When I figured out what the term meant I was embarrassed. I started to notice how open minded my family members are. It was embarrassing to see dad and my brother jerking each other's dick. It was embarrassing seeing both grandmas kissing each other and touching each others breasts. I confessed to my mom that I'm seeing Taboo happenings going on. "It's natural behavior. You ought to know by the amount of time you spend on the internet and have watched dad and me play thru the bedroom door opening." I was so embarrassed that she knew I watched.
When my eighteen birthday came I was given a surprise party. It really was a surprise party. I wasn't a birthday party, but a sex party. My mom took her strap on and fitted it on me. "You're going to peg dad!" and we all going to watch. She led me into the bedroom where my brother and both grandmas and dad where waiting. Mom showed me what to do as she stood behind me and guided the strap on. Both grandmas sucked dad's cock while dad sucked bro's dick. Mom was feeling and playing with my boobs. This was so fucking weird. This was really a trailer trash event and I was beginning to enjoy it, especially fucking mom with the strap on, while bro was doing grandma,mom's mother, and dad mouth fucked his mom.
I'm a proud trailer trash slut knowing I can please and be pleased sexually by kinky people.

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  • Ya'll must be from Kentucky.

  • Don’t worry, you’re lower than trailer trash.

  • You're not really trailer trash until someone brings dogs to the party for everyone to fuck.

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