Seduced By Her Daughter and Son In Law

I convinced my friend's boyfriend in sneaking away one weekend and try out the local nudist resort for kicks. This would be my chance to see his endowment and have fun with him.
We got to the resort and stripped down next to the vehicle. We smiled at each other's body. The resort rules was no hard penis showing. Cover it with a towel, so we carried towels. and his towel covered his hard on that he got when he saw me until it got limped.
The people there varied in age and shapes. I saw some very nice endowment and he saw women with big tits like mine. We used the pool and hot tub and sun bathed for awhile. We decided to hike awhile on the nature trail. There we ran into my friend's daughter and son-in-law. "Don't say a word to Liz about us." we said. "We promise. Our secret!" and they smiled.
We went inside the club house to get something to drink. The sun was setting and it was time to leave. We stopped at a bar and grille to snack on something. To our amazement they said, "You guys want to swing?" We said, "With you?" "Don't let our age difference prevent you from saying yes. We go to swing clubs and play with various aged people."
We got a room at a motel next door and undressed. Liz's son-in-law and I went on one bed and Liz's boyfriend and her daughter went on the other bed. We played for awhile separately then we joined each other on one bed. I started playing with Liz's boyfriends cock and her daughter started sucking my breasts. Liz's son-in-law started to give Joe, Liz's boyfriend, a blow job. The son-in-law and I both shared Joe's cock in our mouths while Dana, Liz's daughter, sucked her husband's dick and fingered my vagina.
Joe and I go to swing parties with Dana and her husband and to the nudist resort now and then without Liz knowing.

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