She's not all grown up, but is coming along nicely

Sometime back, i posted on this site a story about my helping out a friend of mine with some transportation for her 15-16 y.o. daughter to and from a train station near where i live so she could take the train to her school. i've been off the site for awhile, and can't find my original post, but there's an update. so i need to quickly summarize the original story, then do the update.

i was asked to give to the teenage daughter of a friend of mine a short ride to a train station 1-2X a week so she could get to school. she's a tall, thin, cute redhead with a cute butt, and i quickly determined that i'd like to put my dick in her mouth, especially when she got in the car one morning and announced that she had just stepped out of the shower, which us why her hair was still wet (it smelled great). even though i'm significantly older than her, we got along great, as she's easy to talk with. when last school (2019) year ended for her, the need to provide transportation for her ended to, and i hadn't seen her in almost a year and a half before this past weekend. when we ran into each other around town.
holy shit. she was cute before, as i said. tall. thin, not skinny. nice ass. but the last year and a half have been very kind to her body. she's still tallish and thin, but the boobs are noticably bigger, hips a definitely coming in and, let's just day, she definitely gas a great butt for her black leggings. i mean, she's gone from a cutish teenager to a smoking hot teenager in 18 months. she still wears glasses too, which make her look sexier, atleast to me. we chatted for almost 10 minutes, and i did well to maintain eye contact (it was tough though). even scored a hug at the end. and i did give her a look back as she walked off. i would lick dog shit off the bottom of her sandals to fuck her. the funny part is that i still have her phone number in my phone from when i had it during the days i was taking her to the train station, but i don't have the balls to call. to fill the void, i look for porn of cute, young redhead teens jilling off, and attatch her face to the girl's body. she diesn't turn 18 till the spring, so until then, and i'll feel a little less dirty yanking my chain with her on my mind at that time. but i want that ass. bad.

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  • Fuckin pedo

  • Yea, i guess you're right. you should have seen her ass though.

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