Tired of living with my secret.

I needed to tell someone about my secret. I wish I could tell my husband but I'm afraid he would divorce me . I don't want to end up alone now at my age. I'm 42 and been married since I was 19 . We have 3 children together. Two girls and one boy. I do love my husband. I can count on him always. Early in our marriage I was feeling very depressed and lonely. My husband was working long hours. I met an old friend one day and we had lunch. My mother was watching our two girls at the time. I ended up sleeping with my old friend . He made me feel really good about myself. I had a 9 month affair with him . My husband has no idea. It was lucky for me that the friend had to move away for his job. I missed him a lot and he asked me to go with him and bring my two daughters. I told him I couldn't just pick up and leave my entire family. He recently came back to town and called me . I met him for lunch . We ended up back at his hotel and we made love for a couple hours. Then I had to get home to meet the kids coming from school. I don't feel bad about what I'm doing . Truth is he makes me feel so alive . He makes me feel in ways my husband doesn't. I would not leave my husband . But if the opportunity arises to be with my friend I will take it when I can. I bet everyone reading this will think I'm a slut. But I'm not . I have feelings for my friend . If I didn't I would not just sleep with him . He told me that he will be coming to town every couple months . I have something to look forward to now. I missed our time together.

1 month ago

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    • From someone who was in a similar situation and finally did something for myself, don’t let your life and good sex get away from you. Don’t wait until the “kids are old enough” because by then it will be too late. My ex husband and I had a difficult marriage. He cheated a couple of time and I carried on an affair with a man old enough to be my father. We were not getting what we needed from our marriage and looked elsewhere for it.

      If you and your husband cannot talk about your problems and really commit to working on your relationship and the problems, think how things will be in another 5 years or 10?

    • Fuck off with your excuses. You ruined something good you had with your family just for a fuck. You can never go back. Dont kid yourself saying you have feelings and shit. Its just the thrill of betraying your caring and loyal husband.

    • Wow! Really?

      Did you read what she wrote?

      I did not read their marriage was or is good. She clearly stated that she has feelings for her friend. Not that he is just a “fuck”. I am not saying her husband is or isn’t caring and loyal but you are making assumptions. While she is certainly does not seem to remorseful for actions I don’t think you can jump to the conclusion that she is “thrilled” about “betraying” her husband.

      Based on your deduction and summary, one could assume her husband is a jerk. He spends all his time drinking with his mates and not caring about how he makes his wife feel. Perhaps, again using your deductions and assumptions if he was more present in their relationship she might not have taken the opportunity to see her “friend”. There are two people in a marriage. If neither is communicating then there will be little hope for these two.

      Ending a marriage and breaking up a family is very difficult decision. These two need to sit down and have a serious conversation. They need to talk and listen to each other and try very hard to understand each other’s feelings. If they cannot understand each other’s feeling at the very least the need to acknowledge the other is having those feelings and they exist.

    • My question is. Have you spoke to your husband about the sex? Work things out with your husband. Don't betray the man doing so much for you. I'm speaking from experience. I felt like ripping my heart out when i found out that my wife was cheating... she blamed me... but everytime i made a move, she shut me down... she could hsve spoken to me and i would have tried to be there more. I wanted to die right away but my family and friends made sure that they were literally watching me 24/7. There's absolutely no excuse for cheating. Dont waste his time and yours. Either you leave him or you wait until he eventually finds out and cause more pain and suffering for him.

    • Nothing worse than a lustless marriage...get fucked while you can and stay with the husband for the kids sake.

    • I had a "friend" and we would meet once or twice a year for get togethers. Out of the blue she tells me to get checked for an STD. Her husband said she brought it home with her and they both have it. Lucky enough I tested negative so she didn't get it from me.

    • Don't worry about it. It happens more than you think.

    • Use protection, every time, and don't tell him.

    • It's simple, you are this "friend's" personal slut, and he's probably bragging to his friends/family, how he's so awesome that he gets to stick his cock into someone else's wife and fuck up their family. Even if you don't see it this way, the whole world sees it this way and you trashed your family's reputation to boost the ego of some stranger who couldn't give two shits about your family. And for what reason? Because you likely have ADD, are bored, and can't find something productive and/or meaningful to do with your life.

      Most importantly, you are a horrible person. Your husband is supposed to be your most trusted and reliable ally and friend in this life, and you utterly betrayed him. But you not only betrayed your husband, you also betrayed your kids and your whole family. And for what? A cheap thrill.

      People like you are miserable, self-destructive, and hopeless. Because in your eyes, the only meaningful thing to do is to destroy yourself and those around you. You claim you will be happy with this guy. Let me tell you a secret; You will not be. If you go with this guy, you will end up doing to him and his family, what you did to your current family. Your self-destructive nature remains and will always end up hurting you and those around you.

      To miserable people like yourself I say: "There are only two tragedies in life. the first is not getting what you want, the other is getting it." You are a miserable and self-destructive person and you will bring that with you wherever you go. That is the real punishment for people like you in this life.

    • I completely agree with you.

    • You should put the same effort into your husband as you do your friend

    • I know right?

    • Don't kid yourself... you're a nasty worthless slut and you deserve to be treated like one. Disgusting whore.

    • Agreed

    • I think you need to decide whether to go all in with your friend or stay with your husband. If you carry on like this, you will eventually get caught and someone will get hurt. Obviously something is missing in your marriage but you don't say why you can't get divorced. I'm not judging you, but your behaviour will have consequences on your family when - not if - they find out. Think carefully about what to do, maybe confide in a friend if you can x

    • You are not a slut, but you are an asshole! If you are not happy with your husband, then stop wasting his time. He takes care of you and your family and you can't see that. You think he likes working his balls off for nothing. You wouldn't know a good thing if it slapped you right in you head. It's over you fucked that up too bad to be fixed so divorce him.

      Go get a divorce but let him have the kids and the house. Then go with your old flame and see how long that will last before you fuck that up too!

      That applies to all you cheating fucks out there!

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