Bad fit

I'm 19m and dating this really cute girl who is 18. She's a blast to be around and we were virgins when we met. She's 5'6", thin, really small boobs (aa size), but she's a cute redhead with a great ass. I'm really in love with her, but I'm worried that we might not be a good fit sexually.

My dick size is okay, I don't think small at 6.5" length and 5" girth. But the issue is that when we have sex her pussy feels really big. Like I'm hitting air in there. She is still decent at the vaginal opening, and I can feel hitting her cervix, but it's really big inside. It's really weird because I would think that she should have a pussy that is really tight. I hear all these stories about "tight pussy" or what "good pussy" is, but is my experience normal? Is pussy really supposed to be kinda big?

I don't want to dump her or anything, but my Fleshlight feels better than the real thing with her. It's a little bit of a disappointment.

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  • Ive has similar experiences the whole of the girls skinny and petite equates to small or tight pussy isn’t true. Also I think from my experience nor does always past experience mean she was with a huge cock boring her cunt hole out. But I think in some cases with really hot chicks it likely could apply. When I was in high school I fucked this really hot girl very petite only 4’10” tall and 85 lbs. May 6” penis felt little inside her it surprised me I fingered her four fingers easily. I slipped my fist inside her and it felt tight finally she humped the hell out of my fist till she was almost 7” deep on my forearm and orgasmed. I knew her really well growing up and she wasn’t a slut going around fucking every guy. So I figured she just has a very large pussy naturally just like some guys have huge cocks. I never talked to her about being really loose we dated for awhile. One time she asked me of it freaked her out she could take my fist. I said no it didn’t and it was fun to watch her go wild when she rode it.

  • She was no virgin.

  • Wtf does it matter?

  • Sounds like she hasn't figured it out yet, but she's built for bbc.

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