My drunk roxana vasquez

I did it again roxana
Late last night roxana came home and she was really really drunk. Her girlfriend had to help roxy into the house and to Roxy's bedroom. After roxys friend left I waited a few minutes and then went to look at her. She was face down on top of the bed and her shirt had gone up to her hips. I could see her whole crotch area because she was wearing a thong. Her tiny puffy labia was hanging out the side of her panties. I shook roxana shoulder calling out Roxy wake up but she never moved. That's when I gabbed her panties and pulled them down her legs and dropped them on the floor. I opened her legs a little bit more and got on the bed between her legs and slipped my penis inside of her. I pushed all the way inside of my drunk latina roxana and started to pump in and out of her. Within a few seconds I was cumming deep inside of roxy drunk horny latina neighbor vagina. She never woke up and I have done this before. Everytime she gets drunk I can do whatever I want to do to her.
This is absolutely the truth no BS I have pic video



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    What part of that can't you dumb fucks get?

  • So you raped your neighbor! And you have video of you raping her. What is the matter with you! Are you a serial rapist? I can only pray she wakes up and catches you. The raping her under the influence is one charge. Videoing it is another charge and the actual rape is the finial straw that will put you in prison. But We all think this is fake and you wrote about you mom passed out before. But you are still a sick fuck.

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