Not sure if I should say anything

My wife was really drunk on Saturday night, when we got home she laid on the bed and we had drunk sex. She was nearly passed out, which she is cool with us having sex while very drunk, even her passed out. I came in her and got up, leaving her with her naked with her legs slightly open on our bed. I opened the bedroom door and walked out to check the locks on the front and back door and drink a glass of water. When I walked back into the room our German Shepard was licking her vagina. She wasn’t moving, the dog was really licking her deep, and I yelled at him to get down and he he did, and I closed the door when he left the room. I was ready for round two, anal since she was passed out, which is typically what I do when she’s passed out, but I couldn’t get over the dog licking her. I got a wash cloth and wiped her vagina, then got the lube and had her butt. Just don’t know if I should tell her what the dog did to her. He sniffs her vagina every once in a while, so I know he knows what it’s for, just don’t want for her to freak out.

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  • She was out of it, no harm done to her so keep quiet about it.

  • Pretty funny, my wife gets drunk then plays with the dog, teases him with her ass in the air, lets him lick and mount her. His cock is much thicker than mine and it is hilarious watching him get all riled up and hump her like crazy. I do not know how he stays hard so long but he can hump on her for half an hour busting load after load. I have talked her into sucking on him as well which his really funny to watch because he starts humping her face. Every once in a while I tie her to the coffee table then fill her with honey or peanut butter and listen to her moan out for an hour while he cleans her pussy out with his tongue. I love it when he mounts her from behind though, the expression on her face says it all as his engorged penis fills her, sometimes the popping sound when he pulls out is quite loud and she lets out a gasp from his size.

  • That's funny but normal from a dog.My wife fell asleep after breastfeeding the baby.So me and my buddy sucked on her boobs and had a nice drink.haha

  • You shoulda smacked the shit outta that dog and said "that's my bitch".Show him who's alpha around here.

  • Have her on all fours and assist the dog to mount, you will get excited

  • Mmmm I love drunk sex with my wife. It’s the only time she tells me who she wants to fuck. She is a totally different person in bed. She will often initiate different positions we never would normally do it in. She’ll tell me titty fuck her and suck and lick my balls like she’s infatuated with it. The dirty talk is what turns me on the most. I love when she tells me about her one nighters or past lovers and what all happened. Next morning she has no idea what happened

  • Intoxicated lovers, that's ok

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