I did it again

Late last night my mother came home and she was really really drunk. Her girlfriend had to help Mom into the house and to Mom's bedroom. After mom's friend left I waited a few minutes and then went to look in on my mother. She was face down on top of the bed and her shirt had gone up to her hips. I could see her whole crotch area because she was wearing a thong. Her big puffy labia was hanging out the side of her panties. I shook moms shoulder calling out Mom wake up but she never moved. That's when I gabbed her panties and pulled them down her legs and dropped them on the floor. I opened her legs a little bit more and got on the bed between her legs and slipped my penis inside of her. I pushed all the way inside of my drunk mother and started to pump in and out of her. Within a few seconds I was cumming deep inside of my drunk mother's vagina. She never woke up and I have done this before. Everytime she gets drunk I can do whatever I want to do to her.
This is absolutely the truth no BS

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  • Crap crap fake crap

  • Ever think that maybe she’s not passed out, I mean she can feel you pulling down her panties, she lets you bang her... drunken women are generally like that!
    Put a good movie on Friday night and serve up the Vodka...

  • Yeah if it was me I'd fuck my mum.

  • You would fuck anything you could stick your micro dick in. Try a light socket and turn the switch on. Thats if your dick is long enough.

  • It's fake bull shit ass wipe. just sick fucking incest crap.

  • My mom was like yours. Drank to much at home. I had to change her at night. At 15, I couldn't resist and had sex with her. It became a nightly thing, then I just started sleeping with her. Both of us nude.

    Six months later mom was pregnant, and said, she knew about the second for months but it felt so good. Mom was 36 at the time and stopped drinking. 20 years later,we have 3 daughters and are madly in love and have constant sex.

  • That's Hot i love sex with mom

  • Sick so sick glad it is fake.

  • Congratulations

  • Fuck you lady balls just keep dreaming. Thats all you are good for.

  • How did your family take your mom getting pregnant by you? Did they frown on it, or did they ask how good your mom's pussy was?

  • You really believe this bull shit.

  • Bull shit you raped you mom. Hope one daughter needs a kidney. Then blood tests will show what you are.

  • Stab your cock into your passed-out mother's pussy. Fuck her hard and fast and cum quickly at first. Five minutes later you'll be hard again and you can last longer to fuck her in different positions.

  • Sick rapist hope she finds out and stabs you.

  • I'm sure she has noticed the dried up cum on and around her pussy in the morning, along with stains on her sheets. For that reason I would fuck her more than once on these drunken occasions.

  • Rapist

  • Your mom probably looks forward to your fucking visits. Pun intended.

  • Shut the fuck up lady balls

  • Shut the fuck up pin dick

  • You got lady balls you wimpy pussy

  • All sex should be consensual

  • Yes thats right but add legal and not immoral.

  • Nothing with adult family sex as long as it's consensual.

  • Shut the fuck up you fat fuck you and your make believe sister never did nothing. Plenty wrong with incest, thats why it's illegal in most countries and the other ones are starting to pass laws against incest so boo hoo.

  • After posting this, he then goes and fucks his dog in the ass. Dog molester.

  • Lol

  • You got lady balls Pussy

  • So you Raped your mom, and your supporters encourage rape. That is the only way you can get laid is by raping someone. I hope you get caught by your mom and she turns your sick ass in. Disgusting incest propaganda at its worst!

  • I'm sure his mom is only pretending to be passed out. She is milking this for as long as she can.

  • Yeah you are probably right!

  • Shut the fuck up Lady Balls you couldn't get that micro dick up even if you beat it with a hammer.

  • Shut up lady balls.

  • Two suggestions; first, stick your cock in her mouth and see if she sucks on it (even when my wife is pissed, she still sucks my cock) if not fuck her mouth until you cum in it. Second, fuck her ass. You'll never regret it.

  • I wish my mom had been a drinker. I would have felt up her nice tits, sucked her nipples, and fucked her pussy good!

  • You should cum on her chest.
    When she wakes up, she'll wonder how that got there.
    Or, leave a dildo hanging out of her. Naked on top of the bed.
    Again, when she wakes up, she'll wonder, 'wtf?'

    She will probably hope that you didn't see her like that.

    I would have so much fun with her.

  • Enjoy x

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