Wife Passed Out

One time my wife and I were both drunk, she was very drunk. After about 5 minutes of me fucking her she passed out. She was completely unconscious. I kept going and finished in her. I got up watched some TV and had a couple of more beers. When I came back to bed she was in the same position. Using my previous load of cum as lube I fucked her again. I really enjoyed fucking her while she was passed out.

1 month ago

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    • Love to get the wife first tipsy, then drunk when I deal with her mucj the same way. She has a majorr weakness for whiskey/amaretto sours. She knocks a few back every few days after which I'll have my way.

    • My wife of over 30 years believes that a woman expects to be fucked when she drinks so much that she passes out, and she fully expects me to do what I want to her and share her with my friends when she's passed out. And over the years I've done just that. I especially like making her cum when she's out and most of my friend's think it's awesome that when she gets a cock shoved into her mouth she has a natural reflex to suck it. She's a great woman and loves to fuck anywhere, anytime and the thing that has kept us together over the years is our honesty. We always let each other know when we plan on fucking someone else, and if one of us has any problem with the prospective partner we don't fuck them. She has always been happy obeying me when it comes to sex and when we are alone we make love, when somebody else is with us, we fuck.

    • I'm a girl, and that's stuuupid hot.
      My guy is pretty dominating, but I don't know if he'd ever do me while I was passed out, but I've always wanted that. He seems to like to take what he wants without any hassle, so I feel like maybe he just needs me to tell him that I want that? I assume he doesn't want to cross any boundaries so that he doesn't have to deal eith any kind of 'consent' issues, but for me consent is simply not an issue when it comes to him but I don't know if he may have an unfavorable reaction to me telling so?
      (Or does that sound legitimately stupid, and he's just done that well at showing me he's a decent guy? 'Cause he can still be decent and take advantage of a girl who wants it. I figure it's not wrong to accept free sex.)

    • I would love to fuck your wife.

    • You should have let the dog have a go

    • Now that would be hot

    • Especially with 3-5 dogs

    • My friend and our middle aged landlady along with me were having drinks and we all must have carried away drinking. The landlady got passed out and we took her to the bedroom. Her long skirt got exposed thigh high showing off her red thong. We made kinky plan and unclasped her bra and each took her boobs to suck on. She did not move at all. We got bolder and separated her thighs, raised them and I fucked her first. The trickling down of my semen was too erotic and inviting for my friend. He fucked her too. By this time she moved a bit and moaning and I also had a hard-on - fucked her. We left for our room drawing her thong in position and straitened her skirt. She woke up late in the morning and we made her breakfast.

    • That happened to me. My friend, whom I've been blowing since we were in college, took my anal virginity while I was blackout drunk. I realized what had happened the next morning when I found my butt cheeks crusty. I asked him and he said he had. I'm glad he did it because since then I've let him have me sober and I can't get enough.

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