My wife and I have been together for over 30 years. When we first got together I had been working hard and was very tired. My wife (who was my girlfriend at the time) suggested we go to the local pub for a few drinks. I was exhausted but said yes anyway.
After a couple of drinks a friend of hers suggested a group of us go back to his place to watch videos. She wanted to go but I just wanted to lay down so I went back to her home alone - her mothers home in actual fact as she was still living in the family home at that time.
At the time, I was 26, my girlfriend was 18 and her mother was 41. Her mum and dad had divorced 2 years earlier and her mum had just started dating again so it was no surprise to find the house in darkness. I let myself in and went in the bathroom for a pee. The laundry hamper was open and on the top of the pile I noticed some very shear, lacy panties.
I picked them up and examined them. Very lacy and almost totally see through. The crotch was slick with a creamy substance. I sniffed and then tasted the crotch with the tip of my tongue.
I wondered if they were my girls or her mums, so I decided that since I was alone I would go exploring. I entered her mothers bedroom and started to open drawers until I found her lingerie. Just seeing what was in the drawer made it obvious that the panties were her mothers and not my girls.
I took out several other items, panties, bra's, full length basques. Wow she had some sexy lingerie. I still had the panties from the bathroom in my hand and looked at myself in the mirror on her dresser as I licked the crotch of my future mother- in- laws panties. The taste was amazing.
Just then I heard a key in the front door so quickly closed the drawer, left the bedroom and went back into the bathroom to put the panties back in the hamper, then changed my mind and slipped them inti my jeans pocket and headed for the lounge.
I expected my girlfriend to be home, but no it was her mum. Still with the sight of her lingerie drawer in my mind and the taste of her pussy juices fresh on my tongue my cock was stiffening in my pants whether I wanted it to or not.
She was surprised to see me home alone and then confessed to being a bit tipsy and also a bit pissed off with the guy she'd been on a date with. We sat and I poured her a wine. I grabbed a beer and we sat and chatted about her date.
Apparently he had been a grabber...her word....for a guy who just wanted to roughly grab her tits and get her into bed for his own gratification. She said she liked it slow and gentle. She also said he was a lousy kisser.
I asked her what makes a good kisser and she tried to explain but couldn't.
I asked if I could kiss the interest of finding out if I was any good at it or not. She laughed and dismissed it at first but eventually said OK but don't tell "J" her daughter. I laughed and agreed and moved closer to her on the couch. Taking her face in my hands I gently placed my lips on hers and we kissed. Her opinion not bad but nit long enough. We tried again. This time for longer and I was pleasantly surprised when I felt her tongue probing my lips. I met her tongue with mine and the kiss turned to something more passionate. I wanted to rip off her clothes and have her right there on the couch but know not to be too "grabby". BUT at that point she put her hand down to shift position slightly and it came to rest on my erection, either by accident or design. I watched her eyes widen as we kissed.
She broke away from our embrace but didn't move her hand from my bulge. Then suddenly she stood, took me by the hand and said "fuck it, she never needs to know...and anyway it's not like you two are married". And she walked me to her bedroom.
My exhaustion forgotten we feverishly tore at one another's clothes and at that point her panties fell out of my pocket onto the floor. She picked them up asking why I had them. I embarrassingly told her the story and said how wonderful her panties tasted. She told me to keep them and lay back on the bed with her legs apart inviting me to taste her. I fell to my knees by the bed and reached forward grabbing her hips and pulling her toward me. She had hair above her pussy but shaven around her pussy lips. I licked along her labia and started to suck on her clitoris before plunging my tongue into her. Oh wow she tasted amazing!
I was naked except for my socks. She was completely naked and looked stunning. Her breasts were full and round and her nipples big, dark and erect. Crazily though it was her green eyes that I couldn't take my eyes off as I climbed onto the bed and positioning myself between her legs finally slid into her smooth wet pinkness.
And that's when we both heard a key in the front door. Passion instantly forgotten I quickly gathered my clothes and hurried out of the bedroom and into our bedroom, slung the clothes in a corner and hopped into bed and covered up pretending to be asleep.
I could see my girlfriend undress in the moonlight through the curtain. I pretended to stir from my sleep as she got into bed. Oh good you're awake she whispered and her hand went to my cock which was still semi hard. On feeling it she again repeated "Oh good - you ARE awake" and climbed on top of me wanting sex. In the subdued light it was easy to imagine that she was her mother and I became extremely aroused and could feel myself growing inside her. Whether it was my increased size or something else, something stimulated "J" to a very quick orgasm. And as she convulsed against me I couldn't hold back either, thinking of her mother and how it had felt to be inside her even if very briefly.
The next morning things were very quiet and awkward at the breakfast table. When my girl had left for work her mother made it clear that what almost happened the night before was an accident brought on my drink and we should never even think of it again.
Reluctantly I agreed.
A week later when me and "J" moved out, her mother took me to one side and said "I think these are yours....a fresh pair so you don't forget me" - handing me a pair of her panties even sheerer and sexier than the original pair and the crotch was not only wet but also warm. "I just took them off" she added, lifting the front of her skirt to show her pubes.

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