How do I seduce her?

I'm married.
She's married,
She's a gorgeous, shy, big-assed Indian woman.
Her dark skin drives Me fucking insane!!!!!!

I work with her. She's flirty in a shy way.
I've walked up on her with a hard on but she hasn't noticed.
How do I let her know without risking job and pride?

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  • Indian women are conservative as somebody said so its going to be hard that you can convince her to cheat on her husband and let you put your dick in her pussy, it might even be against religion meaning against god and while you as a white american dont give a shit about god in her mind she wouldnt dare to mess up with god

  • Maybe this guy doesn't but plenty of white Americans respect God and our spouses. You are a self righteous turd from whogivesashitistan.

  • Walking up to a woman with a hard on is a risky move bro

  • Rub curry on your dick. Indian chicks eat that shit up.

  • Indian women are very conservative. But they have the wild side too. Just be courteous, compliment her quite often, let her know that u are there to listen to what she has to say, always. Just talking as per my experience. It worked for me.

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