Best Friend's Girl

This story is actually meaningful for me i just haven't been able to tell anyone. I built it up to the sex part though since it pretty much ends there.
I used to have a best friend ill call Jay and he dated a girl ill call Ashley for 2 years during high school. I got to meet and and grew closer to her. She's really pretty, got a nice body and is super religious. Jay got really lucky because he was kind of ugly being short, skinny and big teeth. To this day I still don't fully understand how they got together in the first place during freshman year. She was extremely loyal to him but he fucked it up when he started being abusive mostly verbal. They broke up during summer and Jay asked me to get close to her in an effort to get them back together. When we went back in Junior year Ashely and I got all 6 classes together and noticed she was by herself all day. I talked to her and turned out she had to cut off all friendships out of Jay's jealousy. Now no one would talk to her except the thristy guys trying to flirt with her. Ever since then she'd wave me over to sit next to her in every class and had to choose between my friends or my best friend's ex who I've never hung or talked to one on one. I tried letting Jay down easily making shit up to help him move on. But as junior year went on and my friendship with Ashley got closer, Jay started confronting me if i liked Ashley. I really didn't but after he gave me his reasoning of us spending so much time together even after school led to me thinking about her like that. Since I was basically Ashley's only friend she always asked me what I was doing or wanted to do after-school. I got her back into smoking after Jay banned her from it then we'd eat, talk, and explore downtown LA. She'd often treat me like her boyfriend asking me to order for her, walk her home, ask to come with me when I'm just doing errands, and even send me selfies of her "just trying the filters". Like I said she's religious so she never wore tights, skirts, or shorts even though she definitely had the body for it. She told me how she'll only dress dirty for her man but even still she never did anything with Jay admitting to me that he was ugly. It felt mean but she was right, he was stupid lucky to have her. But when I would pick her up when there was no school or when she'd change after church, she wore tight leggings. That's how I figured out she had thick thighs and a nice round ass shes been hiding. I took the hint that she was feeling more comfortable with me getting even more girlfriend-ly if that makes sense. Jay slowly grew more jealous out of this and looking back i can see his passive aggressiveness. When junior year ended me and Ashely were practically dating, I didn't ask her out out of respect for Jay so I had to resist her flirts that were getting more obvious. Starting Senior year she was just wrapping her arms around my neck when we'd hug, id hug her from behind when we were out of school, she'd sit on my lap during lunch when the teacher left the class to get food leaving about 5 kids watching a movie with us in the back in the dark. Weirdly tho we never kissed and never progressed until senior retreat came in November. We went to the Big Bear mountain cabins for about a week the whole senior class. It was really cold but not snowing. We were split between girls and boys in these two story cabins with 6 kids on each floor in bunk beds. The teachers would take turns midnight looking for any kids who tried sneaking out but they always gave up at 1am. By then we'd quietly sneak out and some went exploring, the couples went into rooms and some just hung out in a room. I went to Ashely's but found her outside because her roommate's boyfriends came over to fuck. We went to a nearby spot in the middle of the forest just talking. She had on my hoodie and was hugging me for warmth. She was rubbing my body when she accidentally brushed my dick while getting comfortable. She told me sorry and turned red but I told her to not worry we're just friends. On the 3rd day I overheard Jay talking shit about me how I'm trying to get with Ashley but got friendzoned. This got me mad that night I picked her up from her room and took her to mine. Only my other friend Chris was there but he saw me and her and said "I didn't see anything ima take a shit downstairs" then left. Ashely sat on my bed and cleaned a bit. She liked cleaning my stuff it was normal for her, when she bent over to tuck the sheets back in I turned into this horn caveman just staring. When she turned around she turned red again and sat down. I sat next to her and this whole time it was silent only the sounds of my friends laughing downstairs. We looked at each other then just kissed for the first time. She got really into it sitting on my lap. I asked her if i can fuck her and she told me "only if you're my man". Right before I put it in I remembered and told her "Jay is downstairs" all she said was "I hope he walks in" then we did it for the first time that night. We did it every night during the retreat never being caught. After we got back word quickly spread that me and her got together. Like many others we were exposed to our friends who cut us off. Jay blocked and talked the most shit about me that made our group split up on my side and his. Of course they understanding that he should've gotten over by this point but I did also break a bro code. Me and her became the "evil couple" getting stares all over school but still we stayed together. However because she was still religious all the staring and bad talk led her to think our relationship really was wrong. She broke up with me a couole months before senior year ended and there i was, no friends, no girl, and left an outcast in school. To this day she hasn't talked to me out of shame and Jay is mad talking shit about me. Some of my friends came back but its okay. I'm now a freshman in university and have an amazing girlfriend but Ashley will still have a special spot in my heart lowkey hoping to find her again. Me and her shared a lot of memories together which is another story of helping her move on, friendship, and genuine love if you guys are bored enough to read i could share here. If somehow Jay you read this and figure it out, Ashely told me you have a 4 incher no wonder you're mad


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  • Ugly and a 4 incher?

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