This place or where not to be caught dead.

This is a really plain site. I can't help but wonder about the creators. What were they thinking. They had to realize the stories and confessions they would get would mostly be untrue made up fiction. So the intent was what? To drag any and everyone to new lows in writing . Seems the LGBT community should be so proud of the content here. Along with all the husband's who want to view theirs wives having sex with strangers. All the closet homosexuals who fantasize about performing oral sex . We have mostly men and boys pretending to be everyone from woman, and girls , to mixed up confused children. We have many comments from those who are appalled at others ruining perfectly good made up unbelievable stories packed full of lies and utter nonsense. I think these visitors should win a prise. I also would like to deal with them as I think they'd be really easy to scam. If they believe anything here it shouldn't be too hard at all. I know I will get comments about well don't talk your hear too. You would be totally right. I shouldn't be here. One click and I should leave right after that. I guess I keep hoping that maybe one story will be a good one. One confession be truthful . Too much to hope for.

1 month ago

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    • What were the originators thinking when they created this? Money, money, money!
      For one they sold your email address.

    • If you don't like it, don't stay here and complain. You're contributing to the content.

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