Hot wife

My wife is 22 and I'm 37 .she has a playboy type body and loves to show it to men white or black and I like to watch I told her one night after we make love she could date black men if she wanted to but I want to watch them make first she said no but she met this black man and after a date she told him she was married and I had to watch the first time and he said it was ok with him. I was watching them in bed making love and seeing him between her legs I had to relieve my self.I love my wife and are sex is great and I still watch her with other men .

11 days ago


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    • Ooga booga!

    • I love the attention. I love to experience others. keep it in the open. no jealousy or cheating. I fulfilled your wish-fulfill mine. Join the action if you like. Bring home women and men for me. I like to fuck and get fucked.

    • Yep that's how it starts. Give your wife a pass one time. I did that she never stopped. Once they find out what it's like fucking other guys you can't make them stop. She loved the attention from guys. She told me that she loved me we had a great sex life. But she needed more. She loved the excitement with sleeping with different guys. She always told me that black guys were the best in bed. That she was always able to cum with a black guy. People will say I should divorce her but it's my fault for letting her start fucking other guys in the first place.

    • You don't understand what a woman feels when she is horney and her husband get home tired and unable to have erection. I can stay without food but not without sex. I need the naked body touch. I need the pumping and my pussy twitching. It is not easy to find a disease free guy. spice it up-Bring home a friend (male or a female) for me at least once a week. we will all have fun.

    • Says the teenage boy alone in his room.

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