Adult bookstore

When I turned 18 I went to an adult bookstore. It was a dark run down place with toys and porn mags videos as I looked around I got really hard. I paid money to go in the back part it was like a maze of booths with no doors. I walked around seeing other guys walking around when I just picked one and put tokens in and stopped on a video of two guys. I noticed a button and pushed it and could see in the booth next to me. An older guy had his c*** out and stroking. He waved me over and I went into his booth. I told me to suck his c***. I went to my knees and took his c*** in my mouth and fell in, love with the taste. The musky scent how it felt in my mouth. He put his hand on my head and pushed into my throat until I gagged. I licked his big balls sucked them as he told me I was a good C***sucker and it just turned me on more. After he shot a big load for me to swallow he pulled his c*** out of my mouth and walked out I noticed a guy watching in the next booth. I stayed on my knees and waved him over and sucked his c*** until he shot in my mouth. I was hooked and love to suck c***. I still hope to get caught by someone I know and be made to be their c***sucker.

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  • Congratulations on being a man w***e and possibly contracting a d****** that you will spread to other gay guys whose d**** you put in your m****

  • It’s been years since I got to enjoy the pleasure of visiting an adult theater. I would enter a booth, strip down to my garter belt and stockings. It always excited me how many men would use my body for their pleasure while knowing that I was just a man cross dressing. They would gladly pump loads of cum deep in my ass or down my throat. I never locked the booth door, and lots of guys would take advantage of my ass while i sucked cock through the glory hole. I often stayed for hours and only left after I had cum leaking out of my ass. Even when men didn’t want my ass, they would gladly fuck my face until they came.
    I would love to do it again.
    Highway rest areas were fun also.

  • Have you been tested for std's?

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