Just good coworkers

At a work celebration I drank a little too much and I implied to a female coworker (Beth) that I was bi, well truth be known i believe I came out to her but in all fairness I was drunk. Anyway the next business day she didn’t say anything and our interactions were normal - whew dodge a bullet there. She must have chalked it up to the whiskey. I am a closet bisexual and have been since I saw my first penis in a jr high locker room. I do have a regular safe place to go and “indulge” out of down

A few weeks later Beth invited me over for dinner. I didn’t think nothing of it as I have eaten there before with her husband (Tom) and small children. When I arrived she told me the kids were at grandma’s and Tom got stuck working late but should be home after dinner. Ok I thought. So we sat down to eat and discussed work, summer vacations, and kids. Perfectly normal, just another evening with friends.

After dinner, about 7:30 or so, Tom comes home. We say hi and let him know his dinner is in the oven. He excuses himself to go and take a shower and Beth and I continue our conversation.

A short time later Tom comes from the shower, in a towel and asks Beth if she has asked me yet? Ask me what? I said. Beth replies, Tom wants to know if you will suck his cock. As I stumbled for words, Tom walks towards me, drops his towel and I see the most beautiful semi-hard cock I have ever seen. No words are spoken as I wrap my watering mouth around his cock. Instantly I feel his ever growing hardness push the back of my throat. After a few minutes I stop to take a breath. Beth tells me when she told Tom about my confession and he was instantly aroused. Apparently they have always wanted a mmf threesome but didn’t know anyone.

When I suggested we move into the bedroom, Beth told me she only wants to watch a guy fuck her husband and have Tom take my load either in his mouth or ass while we watch her masturbate. I have know Beth and Tom for years, but never knew this side of them.

I fuck Tom, he fuck me, we saw Beth cum server all times, even squirted when I came in Tom’s mouth. We fuck, rest, fuck again for hours. I came 4 to 5 times by the time the sun came up

When I met up with Beth later that day, nothing was different we were just coworkers. Though Tom called me later and invited me over for a weekend bbq


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  • Omg this is an amazing story

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