I have a theory about my friend

After careful observation repeating the same experiment over and over again I have come to the conclusion that my buddy really enjoys sucking my big cock. I have strong evidence to support this theory. For instance, it doesn't matter how long it takes, he will suck my cock until I cum. One time he gave me a blowjob that lasted over an hour! His love of sucking the cock is only part of my theory though. I believe he actually likes eating my cum more than anything! Even after at least 2 dozen blowjobs he has swallowed my loads every single time without fail! I believe that although he likes to suck, the thing that turns him on the most is eating the cumshots out of another guy's cock. I'm certain the first part of my theory is true - he does enjoy sucking my cock. But I have noticed that he gets a little extra thrill when I blow my nuts in his mouth, at the very moment he swallows it. Yes, that's it! After having him swallow dozens of loads of cum it should have been obvious. He enjoys sucking my cock because that's the means of him getting an even a bigger thrill from eating another guy's cum. Maybe at the heart of it it's just because those things are supposed to be so wrong for a guy to do. Maybe he gets off because he's not supposed to like sucking cock. Maybe it turns him on to eat another guy's cum because he's not supposed to eat another guy's cum! I'm still not sure about any of his reasons however. I will have to keep experimenting. I will be sure to make careful observations when I experiment in his mouth a couple times tomorrow! One thing I know for certain - I have a buddy that sucks cock! I think I'm getting the best of the deal. I've been getting my cock sucked a couple of times a day for the last 2 weeks. No girlfriend ever treated me that well! (And no gf ever swallowed my cum either. Never.) Well, I still don't know about his motivations so I guess I have to keep letting him suck my cock again and again until I can be more sure. Right? Right.

Jul 8
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    • Until he eats your asshole you haven’t really experienced sex to the fullest

    • I am a married bisexual man and I love sucking cock and swallowing cum. I have a friend who is married also that comes over just to have me give him head and he says that I suck his cock better than his wife ever has. I suck him off 3 or 4 times a week. I am not attracted to guys in any way but I do enjoy sucking cock something that my wife got me started doing when we were having a threesom..I think that guys that give other guys head do it because they like doing it and swallowing the cum is the best part of sucking cock at lest that's how I feel about it.

    • Your exactly right, my buddy told me I suck cock better than my wife does

    • (on a strictly serious note, I've found that the stuff women stereotypically don't like doing and see as a chore- anal, head, swallowing- every gay guy I know loves doing it, which tells me that if you don't satisfy your guy he can and will find a gay man to do it for him, assuming he's not a jerk)

    • Possibly he just likes sucking cock, and *whose* doesn't really matter. Further testing is required!

    • Or you could just ask him. Although it might be difficult for him to say, it sounds like his mouth is always full.

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