Craving Friend's Mom

I'm 18, a senior in HS, and I'm madly in love with my friend's mom. I've had a thing for her basically since the hormones kicked in. There isn't a day that goes by that I'm not thinking about fucking her. She's 45, beautiful brunette, fairly fit, thick hips and ass, and great tits.

I've been writing her letters, telling her that I'm in love with her, and she's written me back a couple of times. She says that she's flattered, but that I need to be thinking about people my own age. She also reminded me that she's married, but I don't know what the fuck that has to do with anything.

I've been able to give her a few hugs when my friend isn't around (in another room), and she always smells fantastic and I love to feel her tits pressed up against me. I tried to kiss her once, and she said, "No, no." I'd love to take her to my HS prom and hook up for some hot sex afterwards with my friends and their gf's, but I guess that isn't going to happen.

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  • Do not ask her to the prom. I have always been attracted to older women since I was your age. I use to do yard work for an single older woman in her 50's. One hot day after finishing mowing her lawn and she invited me inside for some lemonade. She told me that I could wash up in the bathroom. I wasnt in the bathroom but a few minutes when she opened the door and saw me washing my cock. She calmly said "need any help". I hesitated a bit. She said" it's ok I know your dad and I won't say anything". Before I knew what was going on she had
    taken a wash cloth and was cleaning my cock and balls. I was getting pretty hard when all of a sudden she kneeled down and started sucking me feverishly. I looked down at this woman old enough to be my mother taking my whole cock into her mouth, and she was very skilled.
    I came rather quickly with a few generous spurts and she enjoyed swallowing everything and said that I tasted good, unlike what my girlfriend said. We had sex for months until her job transfer and she moved away. Since that day I have not found a mature woman that could suck me that good.
    I tried to find her again and I found out that she had past away
    a few years ago at the age of 83.
    Thank you for the memories!

  • Chances are she may think of you when your not around. The more you push her the more she’ll be turned off. Do and say little flattering things like your hair is beautiful, you smell so wonderful etc.
    Let it build up and give it Time

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