Our first swap

Our neighbors have a large pool and host socials. At the start of the pandemic, they stopped but began inviting us over for drinks. He’s late 40s and his wife’s early 30s, slim, tall, dark tan, platinum hair, fake tits, botox lips and wears a tiny bikini that looks like a thong.
We’re mid 20s and my wife’s a fitness coach, 5’2”, A cups, brunette, gymnast in college and still solid.
A few nights ago, I was tasting expensive bourbon from his collection and got buzzed. My wife had wine and was relaxed. His wife’s always flirty but tonight, she was buzzed and rubbing her tits on me. He said, “your wife as a naturally perfect ass. Can I squeeze it?” His wife said, “I’m so jealous. I had to get implants. To be fair, your husband can squeeze mine.” My wife winked with approval and we took turns squeezing ass. His wife sat next to me. He held my wife’s hand as they walked to the other side of the pool to share a joint. They were sitting close and he whispered in her ear then she rubbed her hand across the tent in his shorts. His wife held my hand and let me feel her hard tits. They finished smoking and he announced, “My wife and I are swingers. Would you two be interested in swapping tonight?” My wife was holding his hand rubbing his arm as he explained things. btw: he hadn’t re-adjusted and his hard on was obvious. They gave us space to talk and we quickly agreed. His wife left with me. My wife stayed.
His wife took the lead and sex was great. My wife is flat so it was nice to play with big fake tits for a change. They're fun. I drank too much earlier got whiskey dick so no round two AND I passed out.
I woke up with a headache and we texted our spouses to swap back. My wife replied she’d be home soon.
We were having coffee and she told me they have a ‘fun room’ with toys and pillows for different positions. Next time, he’ll come here and I’ll go there. We agreed to share details. She asked me to go first.
Her night was more exciting and I almost came on myself listening. They started 69 but switched so he could rim, tongue fuck and finger her ass. He squirted warming lube up her ass, teased with a small butt plug then slid it in. He has a collection of sizes. She loved the ass worship! They fucked, took a break to smoke a joint then went to the ‘fun room’. She said, ‘he pounded the shit out of me.’ They took breaks to smoke pot. He switched plugs and squirting more lube in her ass. She did cowgirl but wouldn’t share how many times she orgasmed. They ran out of condoms but continued without. During the last pot break, he asked for anal. She was relaxed, felt comfortable with him, loved all the ass worship so she agreed. He removed the plug and it was easy and fun. The pillows allowed them to do anal in different positions.BTW: They were having sex when I texted this morning.
I was about to explode and begged her to fuck NOW but she asked me to wait a day. She was tired, sleepy, sore from getting pounded plus he came inside her an hour earlier. -TMI- Said her ass was still leaking lube and cum too. She’d feel bad if I went after him this soon. I told her I’m fine, won’t last long and we should just do it. She offered a blow job and I exploded as soon as her mouth touched my cock. She went to bed and slept 6 hours.
He gave her access to a local private swingers group on social media. We scrolled through and the couples are 15 to 20 years older. He told her we should swap with his golf buddy and wife next because he’d REALLY enjoy fucking her. She already messaging him and showed me a beach pic. They’re mid 50s. He’s fit, tan, clean, white hair and groomed beard but his wife’s had lots of plastic surgery, thick makeup, holding a cigarette and skin looks like leather, a nasty cougar.
At first we agreed to only couples swap with the neighbors but I want her to fuck this guy and tell me about it afterward.
I said I don’t want to have sex with his wife. She acted bummed cause he’s hot and flattered he wants to fuck her. I told her I’m cool if she went solo if acceptable and share details.
He already spoke with our neighbor and she showed me the first message. ‘dtf? heard your a fully charged fucking machine. fyi. my marriage is open. we can couple swap. meet alone openly or discreetly. can’t wait for your reply’ I got hard reading the entire conversation. Damn! He REALLY wants to fuck my wife.
He lives close and she’ll meet him Memorial Day weekend. At first, she planned to spend one night. His wife’s out of town and asked her to stay the weekend. If it’s fun and goes well, she promised to post the experience.
Swapping has improved our sex life.


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  • Some have all the cake . and ! the candy ...

  • My buddy's wife Linda sunning herself on a big truck tire inner tube in our pool. She had legs spread wide and draped over the tube, her butt was just above the water. She was topless with a little bikini bottom on. We were the only 2 in the pool. i popped up between her legs , we both made some sexual remarks about how close I was to her pussy. I was playfully kissing her upper thighs. She then slide her bikini to the side exposing her glorious pussy 2" from my face "MAN UP" she said-- and I did. She was going nuts trying to not scream her orgasms out. Hardest part was saying afloat and breathing. She was holding my head up by my hair with 2 hands -- she lost sense for my well being ~omg what a way to go, licking pussy~ i could hardly breath, luckily for me we drifted to where I could stand and and finish her off. 20 years later i tell my wife what I did, don't know way. She goes OMG, her husband bugged her for a blowjob obsessively. Unbeknownst to us he watched her give me on at a beach house rental, and said she's a BJ pro (she is) -- In a weak moment , on his birthday 'you promise to never ask again' he agreed and she gave him a bj. Wife: Linda and Bob, those son of bitches hoodwinked us both.

  • My mom and dad. and my wife and I swapped after having some drinks. My dad has wanted to fuck my wife for quite a while. My mom was a frequent fuck buddy while jacking off in my teens. She still looks very sexy, and being taboo makes it even hotter. We went into the parental bedroom and watched each other undress before getting into bed together. Kissing quickly turned to French kissing, as I fondled my mom's big tits. I reached down and found my mom's pussy very wet. I was hard as a rock when I rolled my mom onto her back and mounted her. I guided my cock to to my mom's wet lips and slid inside until the head of my cock could go no further.

  • Too long. You can always tell when it’s a fucking woman when it’s too fucking long.

  • Here's short slut wife in pool story. Sue(42, hot, big tits) and I at a pool party. Sue and the other big tits girls are topless, A cups aren't (life so unfair) - Sue hanging from diving board flirting with a young jock who fingers her.

  • Yeah, Lady. Don't you know men cannot maintain interest that long?

  • I think you're becoming a cuck.

  • I think this is a load of shit

  • I think you have forgotten about the pandemic that you started with. Since you can't stay 6ft apart, you'd better stick with just your neighbors. You're still taking a risk with them, but adding more players to the game is just stupid.

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