Got away with it. (Long story..) sorry.

I was in my friends watching a soccer match the day before I went on vacation with my girlfriend of 6 years. I got really wasted and stupidly texted my gfs 20 year old younger sister about how I was feeling about her.

P.s - she makes her bf cum in his hand because she doesn't like cum. LOL.

We were both drunk in my gfs and were talking about sex what we like etc and I said "you've got the body and your nipple pierced now, does he just cum over them" and she said no then that's when she mention the cumming in the hand. I just said I wouldn't pull out or I would cum all ever yer body if that was me, and she gave me a sexy look and said "well I'd kick your ass If u done that to me"

Anyways I said in the text, ever since I heard her getting fucked hard off her bf and hearing her moaning that I've thought about her diffrently, how she teases me with telling me what she likes during sex and walks around the house with tiny shorts and no bra and hard nipples. I mentioned how I logged into her snapchat and seen a picture of her bfs dick and thought how mines was bigger.. what what I actually said was "he had you screaming and made me think what you'd be like with my cock deep inside you" I mentioned how I went through her messages and seen naked photos of her and sent them to myself and masterbated over her.

I said how I was asking her to go on a trip with me so I could tell her and try fuck her. I just told her everything.

She was 100% giving me the signals that she wanted it aswell, I'd "accidentally" forget a towel after a shower and her to fetch me one but I'd make sure I opened the door wide enough so she seen my naked body and cock. I asked her after I done it did she see anything and said sorry. She replied she wasn't complaining lol.

I've said to her she has too stop telling me that she loves sex and wants it more than her bf and walking about with tiny shorts and no bra because I didn't want to get caught looking at her ass or tits. She would just say it's her house and she will walk about naked if she wanted, then said that If she comes in to my gfs room in the morning and sees my hardon one more time because I sleep naked she's will "punch my dick".

Is that signals or what I'm not sure maybe I took them wrong ?

It backfired anyways and she was in tears and told my gf her mum and dad. I said my phone got hacked and it wasn't me. They believed it and now my relationship with my gfs sister has to basically start again. It's very awkward as her bf hasn't spoke to me since and got her to delete me off everything and block my number.

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  • Update !!

    She asked me last night how she looked while wearing a thong bikini. What do I do !?

  • Yes she is the typical attn seeking dick tease and you are over desperate to the point of thinking stupid. Never drink and text. No good usually comes of it.

  • Fucking tease! I hate that. Fuck her

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