Gfs bestfriend

Me and my gf were in a relationship for 3 and a half years when she decided to finish it. It broke my heart.

Her best friend was living in my gfs room with both myself and my gf at the time was who I quickly blamed but came to realise it was because of myself and my choice to join the the army as an infantry soldier later on than usual (21)

When I was in basic training I tried every day to talk to my ex but never got anywhere. I needed someone if I'm honest. But her best friend called me everyday to see what I was doing and how I was. It was what I needed.

Anyways 6 months past and I completed basic training, I thought i was untouchable lol confident, was fit, tanned, I had money. Was over my ex. I thought fuck it I'm gonna ask the friend if she has ever thought about me in a diffrent way, we always were really close for example ; slept beside her both naked, been in the same bed and woke up together after a night out and she has a tiny thong and bra with my gf beside me she let my hands wonder and my morning glory in between her big peachy ass cheeks, so I turned around and had sex with my gf knowing she lay there awake and was wet We always had a thing for each other, she would come in the bathroom while i was taking a piss and look at my cock and just say things like "nice" lol. Anyways her reply was "would be lying if I never" i got that home that weekend went straight to the club and she was there.

I tried to stay away and not to get caught looking but she somehow ended up beside me. I gave her a cuddle asked if she would like a drink and she whispered in my ear "you have to stay away from me you're my taboo" she was wearing a white shirt, short black leather skirt and cream knee high sort of hooker boots. In my eyes she is a 10/10 same personality. Stunning body, legs and her arse is out of this world, she has A cup tits but big brown nipples with them peirced which I like.

Me and my friends ended up in her house after the club having more drinks and talking i ended up in the kitchen floor seeing how far I could take it, got right up and realised she wasn't wearing any pants and she kissed me. Biting my lip a little, (she liked it rough, she told me everything she liked through the years chilling with me and my ex)

I later had her bent over in the kitchen with my full middle finger up her arsehole as I knew she liked that it was better than i imagined but one her my ex's other friends was still awake in the living room so we stopped.

I told 1 of my friends about what happend, i tried to rekindle things with her but she didn't want to as my ex was still her friend. I later got back together with my ex and my friend who i told waited till i was at the other side of the planet with the army he told my gf and then tried to have sex with her with no success.

Now me and my girlfriend are still together her friend is engaged to a wanker. I still think about her and would fuck her again. I also want to fuck my girlfriends 20 year old sister.

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