My moms boyfriend

My moms boyfriend has been flirting with me.
She’s been with him 5 years
I been married 2 years. We have always been close but and I guess I was slow at picking up on it. But he made a comment when mom wasn’t was out of room about how sexy I looked in my shorts and I laughed it off when mom came back he was all quite. This got my attention then I noticed every time we were alone he would act different around me. Curious I started playing this game with him over the past few weeks.
Never thought of him sexually before this.
Now I find myself wanting to get him alone so I can flirt.
Really tried to stop but find myself doing it again. Little things sexy tAlk telling him he couldn’t handle me when he makes comments.
Always when we were alone.
I know if I would make a move he would let me.
I am trying not to go down that path.
But it’s like when I was a little girl. I would play with myself and feel guilty after I did it . Like whoever I fantasized about would it was wrong but the next day I would do it again.

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  • I have secretLife with my mom bf he is 56 I'm 37

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    Ending: I'm FWB with Maria, BA's girlfriend -- she walks in on old Judy giving me a blowjob. She begs her not to tell, as her husband will divorce her.
    In the 90's we chat on AOL and she tells me her husband should be thanking me, she gives him a BJ almost everyday.

  • Keep it discreet and fuck him

  • Your loyalty should be with your mum. Never do stuff behind your mum's back.

  • Your mom will always love you. she deserves a better man unless she is a bitch. Maybe seduce him so she can see what a dick he is :)

  • Think what will happen if you are caught. He will be kicked out then want to be with you.
    Your mother will basically disown you and your relationship may never heal

  • Fuck him you want to do it

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