Closet girl

I have never disclosed this before. I am a middle age man. Fairly decent shape. And I wear women's panties and lingerie whenever I am able. I feel extremely sexy. I feel I look pretty sexy too. I will sometimes get dressed up and masturbate while thinking about my wife pegging me, telling me what a good little girl I am

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  • Same here, except i fantasize about sucking off a big cock and swallowing cum. Bouncing on a big dick while my boner waves around as my wife watches in amazement

  • I've dressed up many times. I just can't get enough of seeing myself like that. A tight, short mini-skirt and high heels does it for me. I cum every time.

  • Very nice, there are a lot of males that adore wearing lingerie and cross dressing, I am straight and my wife loves seeing me FEMME with makeup and wig the whole deal, I hope you expand your fetish it makes you so horny

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