Man ever since I started jacking off and then discovered my cousin jerking off one thing led to another and we decided to give each other a blow job settling on a 69--we both knew the minute we not only tasted each others hard throbbing pre-cum oozing fuckers that we loved the hard meaty taste of man cock and proceeded to suck up each others wads of cum. Neither of us were too thrilled with the taste of a wad of cum but soon learned that sucking a buds cock until it spurts out the last wad of cum is best and soon just swallowed every wad. We both loved the taste of cock sucking and the pleasure we gave each other tasting and sucking each other off--if we were together while we jacked a bit we almost always mouthed and cum sucked off each others cocks.
We had a couple of jack off buddies and decided to see if they would try--your dam right. I believe that once a guy has tasted his friends CLEAN Coke the hot meaty taste and pleasure he gets not only sucking hard man meat for delicious wads of cum but a 69 is fantastic like sucking your self off--yes with a bit of good exercise self sucking is good my big problem is that when a bud is giving me a great blow job I love to stretch out and ram my cumming cock into his hot wet sucking mouth-!!!!!!

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  • My husband does not fuck me. I am looking for sex chat. Chat with me now:

  • I love your post , wish I had a cousin like yours , l'm so hungry for my first cock , gonna keep looking

  • I have a male friend I meet up with on a weekly basis and we take care of each others needs. He loves toys up the ole Hershey highway and I like that also. We suck each other off and stroke each other's cocks. It's a fun weekly event I look forward to. I love swallowing up his yummy sweet cum. I also enjoy his sack in my mouth. He loves when I rim his asshole and use my tongue as a probe. We don't consider ourselves as gay as we both are married . Our wives both are like straight ladies who lost the desire for sex. Although we trade nude pics and videos of our wives. He so wants to fuck my wife and I would like to do his. I am trying to convince him to sneak inside one night tie me up and do whatever he desires to my ole lady . My cock would get so hard laying next to her while a stranger fucks her.

  • Welcome to the club..........sucking cock and swallowing cum. Better than jerking off.

  • OMG love having a large hard cock in my mouth. You lucky SOB

  • Having a BJ from a man is great! Even if you are not gay you should try! Men suck harder then women and they will suck you dry!

  • Queer prick, would love to kick your balls in

  • I'm sure you want to touch more than his balls... sounds like you have unresolved same sex attraction resulting in agressive hostility.

  • Lol

  • Yup, only a repressed closet gay would be so aggressive. Go suck some cock and leave your wife

  • You would know wouldn't you, stupid prick

  • Yeah, the guys that harassed me the most in high school are the ones I saw in gay bars years later.

  • Why did you have to put incest in this sick fucking fake ass story? Sick fuck.

  • It's just a cousin, calm down, they are not having children.

  • Hey, l love having a cumming cock rammed right down my throat, that's my favourite part.

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