Anyone else?

Anyone else pissed that there are no preteen sizes for, thigh-his & garter belts; crotchless tights/pantyhose/bodysyockings? I mean, the profet muhammad married a 6 yo & fucked her when she turned 9. There's places in the middle east where the saying goes, "if you want a happy marriage, then marry a 9yo."

Many 9yo girls are hot, ready, & craving dick; so, why not dress the precocious girls in sexy attire & teach them about make-up & sex?

Mar 24


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    • Tender little cuntlets are the best. I once knew a 9yo who loved to be grudge fucked. I think her dad broke her in. She hit on me in the food court at a mall.

    • I can understand that having a really tiny pee pee you gravitate toward more petite, but it’s still not ok.

    • We are mad that you’re not in the electric chair. Mohammad was a pedo

    • Paedo religion.

    • I completely agree! I sure wish they would lower the AoC in the US. By the time they're 18, they're usually used up and worn out! I've heard arguments from both sides, and while I don't think most young girls are mentally mature enough to consent, physically their bodies are ready. My best friend's daughter has a beautiful figure and very large breasts for a petite 10 year old, I'd absolutely love to be her first! Some girls are getting their periods as young as 8yo. That is mother nature telling the world that these girls are ready! It's time to put a bun in that oven!

    • I had my first period at 7. According to Islam, that would have made me elligible for marriage right then.

      I don't completely agree with that, & I'm an atheist. But I did start having sex at 9 due to me going crazy on the net reading about precocious puberty & finding a bunch of porn stories, pics & vids. I feel that it should be up to each individual kid when to have sex. I was more than ready at 9, but there are many who are not ready until years later. Marriage can definitely wait.

    • I bet you would've been a lot of fun at 9yo ;). Nice and tight and hairless, mmmmmmm.....

    • Another thing wrong with Islam for sure. And you are a piece of shit.

    • You're a piece of shit!

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