Hot wife who liked the fun but would not be honest

A few years ago, I dated a hot gal. Moved in together. A couple months later - she suggests different sexual things we could do. For example, she wanted the two big guys next door who just turned 18 (twins) to bang the hell out of her and me watch. I at first declined. So, she sweetened the deal. She said if I do this she will let me do her two friends who were a very hot looking lesbian couple.
I thought I was being tricked. So, I said....tell you what, I will do what you want but sex with the two lesbian friends happens first. And, I asked why the two girls would want to have sex with me? My girl said hey, you are really good and they like to share a dick now and then.
But, I never thought it would happen. Well, it did... this and a whole lot more. For years. Sex parties, orgies, and on and on. My girl had already been doing this but introduced it to me. I was popping viagra daily and sometimes twice a day. Wife swaps, you name it. We even had to put curtains around our screened in pool for outside fun. All was well. A bit dangerous though with no rubbers being used. Anyway, it all fell apart a couple years later when she would have sex with "friends" and never tell me about it. The deal was, she tells me everything. I had to go out of town and she said she was taking a break for a week from our lifestyle. Instead... she invited college football and basket ball teams to gang bang her...every day I was gone. When I came home, I found out because one of the couples we were swapping with knew about it...all the detail. My girl did not tell me, and lied over and over again. Party over.....I kicked her out. She moved in with a black guy and his friends come over a lot when he ain't home I am told. Being with the hoe was fun , I will admit. And maybe it is best because I never got a disease. It was a hell of a lot of fun for years. But never again.


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  • College summer job at the meat packing plant I because good friends with Lisa, a lesbian. Big tall girl, 210 lbs, big tits and solid, i'm 165. Lots fun, she gets me on her softball team, drink beer (i'm 19 so she gets it.) Lisa slings sides a of beef around all day. I only do quarters. After softball and beer I tell her how my girlfriend is giving me crap, withholding sex over not kissing her ass. "i'll fuck you, would be my pleasure, guess i'm a little bi, love fucking guys, -- if you don't mind"
    This girl was so good in bed. After one marathon she sent me to the ER. 'Hey Billy, there's blood in my pussy, think it's yours." Doc said her pelvis crushed the seamen canal. Don't fuck or jerkoff for a week.

  • Once I forced my wife to cuckold group sex with my friend and his wife. It was a mistake. Once a lady tastes the enjoyment outside her marriage, she is hooked. Now my wife is totally addicted to sex with big cock dudes. She comes home with dripping sore vagina and I have lost the sex drive for her.

  • Sad it turned out that way. I have a friend who is going through the same thing. When some women find out what it is like to have their pussy's stretched to the limit...anything less won't do. I there was something in it for you and she wasn't into it so often - it could be enjoyable. But my friends wife wants it a few times a week. He ain't happy.

  • I wish my wife were slutty. I would love her to open up.

  • Now that I am older - I am married and happy at home. I will admit, I think about the fun that could be had - but figure I harvested my wild oats. Not going to do it again - even though it is tempting. My wife too won't even roll play. But, that is OK.....

  • Ever since my wife became a mother, her sex drive is non existant. It has messed with my mind and my fantasies for sure. I tell myself that it's OK too, but deep down things are getting weird.

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