She doesn't know I know

For the last 3 years our neighbor boy has been hanging around my wife with a huge hard on. He was 11 or 12 when he saw my wife skinny dipping in our pool in our backyard. We had no idea anyone moved in the house behind us . The next day he showed up in a pair of short shorts and a what I thought at the time was a hard on. He asked if he could go swimming in our pool. My wife was going anyway so she invited him in. I was going to the store and said I would be awhile. When I got back I started out back when I looked out the kitchen window and saw Pam sunbathing laying on her back and Andy sitting in a reclining law chair. I noticed Andy tugged at his crotch while staring at Pam's pussy. He had a huge hard on. For his age it was huge. I sat down at the table and just watched. Andy moved over by Pam and started talking to her .She raised up on her elbow and they began to talk. Then she noticed Andy's hard on. She stared at it for at least a min. She was shuffling around like she was getting hot. Suddenly she jumped up saying she had to go pee. She ran into the garage bathroom and came out wearing a pair of blue gym shorts and when she sat down i could see she had no underwear on. I made noise and pretending to just be getting back. I walked over and Pam starts trying to hide her pussy which was fully!on display. I was turned on watching her get hot. I told both of them I wanted to take a picture. The stood next to eachother. Andy still had a huge hardon and that's what I wanted. Then I told Andy he had to leave it was getting late. After he left I showed Pam the picture. She was looking and I said what do you think about that. What she said. Andy's hard on .She pretended not to notice until I asked her where she put her underwear. She turned red and headed for the house. I told her I was turned on watching her flashing him. Well we made a crazy game out of it for a few years. One day I wasn'tfeeling well as I headed to work. After a couple hours I decided to call it a day . I pulled into the driveway and I came in though the garage. I heard a noise coming from the backyard. I quietly made my to the window where I found Pam naked and on her knees sucking Andy's huge cock. It was a monster. 10 inch cock on that skinny little shit. He had his hands on the back of her head fucking her mouth. Pam was taking it deep throut. She dropped to her knees Andy got behind her and drove his cock deep in her pussy .Pam screamed and moaned so loud I was afraid someone would hear. He filled her pussy full of cum . Then I snuck out to the car and honked the horn letting her know I was home. I walked in the backyard and Pam was sweating and no sign of Andy. I gave her a big kiss and said let's go and get naked you want to. She turned red and then white trying to think of a good reason not to . Her pussy was still full of cum . After I made her squirm I let her off the hook. I told her I was tired anyway.

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