Saw my mother in law havingbsex

I'm now 52 and have been married 30 years. Ive never told my wife about this. When we were first married we lived with the in laws. They used to have exchange students stay with them as they had 3 sons and liked the idea of exposing them to other cultures. Just after severe married they had a French boy Peter aged 17 stay with them. At one point Peters olde brother Phillip who was 25 came to stay for several weeks. Phillipmwas average height but quite stocky and I remember his hands when we shook were massive. I remember about the 2nd day Phiilip was there I came home and Phillip and Pam were by their above ground pool. Pam at that point was about 45 short, slightly over weight with dark hair, good sun tan and fairly nice sized boobs. Shevwas always to the point and fairly open about sex. She was quite pretty. As Phillip sat on a sun lounge he pulled his knees up to his chest and exposing one of the biggest balls I have ever seen out the side of his shorts. Pam was talking and when she noticed I could see she got distracted. A few days later I saw Phillip in the shower and he had this uncut cock that looked incredibly thick and those balls were like over sized duck eggs and he had this really broad ball sack to hold them. Later in the stay my work got called off due to weather so I stayed in bed. MY wife left early and I could hear everyone else heading off to school and work. Later I heard Pam greet Phillip and them talking in the kitchen.. I got up and was about to open the door when I heard Pam saying Phillip no Phillip stop it so I listened a bit more and she was saying Phillip don't . He was telling her how she was beautiful and that men and women were made to have fun. I heard a bit of a moan and then things went quiet. I gently cracked the door open and could see Pam laying on the kitchen table with her dressing gown bunched up Philip sitting on a kitchen chair with his head in Pams crotch. She was laying there and starting to Moan and had her arms about wide like she was on a cross. Her then pushed her legs up in the air and it looked like he was putting his tongue in her ass and she really started moaning more. He then moved up and exposed her tits and she had these fat nipples exposed. Phillip looked like he was trying to fit her whole boob into his mouth and Pam sort of surrendered as he was rolling his toungue around her ever thicker nipples. I could see his cock and it looked a slightly longer than normal but the thing was like a coke can. I watched this for a while and then Phillip stood up, pulled her forward and started to fuck Pams fat little pussy. All I could see was his ass and his balls hanging down and banging on the table as he fucked her. His balls were banging back and forward like a large pear in an sock. She was moaning and every now and then say we shouldn't , we should stop but then but her legs around him pulling him in. Phillip started to really fuck her hard and Pam was saying his cock felt fantastic. He turned her over so she was face down and fucked her behind and as she was moaning he must of put his finger or thumb in her ass and Pam said that feels good but nothing else Ok. Phillip was saying something a bit giving it a try and next thing it looked as if he was putting his cock in her ass. Pam screamed as he did his fourth or fifth thrust and said no no no your too big. He pulled his cock out and rolled Pam back over. He went to their other side of the table and pulled her head towards him. Pam said no but he grabbed her mouth and just pushed his cock into her mouth. Pam gagged and pushed him back saying no so he went back around the table and started fucking her again but this time slamming his cock into her. She was getting louder and then she started to tremble her knees and then her whole body started to spasm. Phillip then grunted about 10 times as he came in her. As he pulled out of her she was laying on the table in a spasm like epilepsy and uttering these guttural noises. A big blob of cum poured out when he pulled out...I could see Pams her pussy now and it was red and swollen and open like it had been stretched for good. She had really thick pussy lips and a big fat clit... I was getting a raging hard on looking at it. A big pool of cum about 5 inches across had come out of her pussy. About 30 seconds later she was still spasmming on the table. Phillip sat back down and started to eat her out again and she went nuts and screamed this time to stop enough I can't take any more. She was laying there looking like she had been hit by a truck. I wasn't sure what to do so slowly closed the door. I made some noise in my room so it was clear some one else was home and when I came out there were both sitting at the table drinking coffee. I sat right where Phillips cum had been and could see the table was freshly washed. Pam looked like she had just ran a marathon.

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  • My wife's stepfather was in the hospital and we went to stay at her parents home, they live in another state, when her and her mother went to visit her stepfather they told me I could use their computer to check my email and play some games. I started messing around and found pictures, lots of pictures of my mother in law when she was younger fucking and sucking black men, lots of black men, gang bangs. Step Dad was in some of the pics doing her too.

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