I'm a truck driver and work for a paving company. I work out of town a lot. I have to share a room with this young guy. He is femme and for the last month we share one bed. I always sleep nude but now I can't. I sleep in my underwear and so does he. I was laying in bed watching tv trying sleep..i will call him Bob was laying in bed also. I was almost asleep when I felt Bob squirming around then I felt his ass against my cock. U could feel him pushing harder against my cock. Suddenly I felt my cock tingle and jerk. I pretended to be a sleep as I saw him pull off his underwear off and scoot closer to my cock. Then I felt my cock pressing against his asshole. Suddenly I felt my cock slide in his ass. I was hard as a rock and I needed to cum. He star!ted fucking my cock deep in his ass and now I was thrusting harder and harder. I moved behind him on my knees i fucked him as hard and deep as I could. Suddenly I felt my cock throbbing and jerking as I exploded filling his ass with my hot sticky cum. It was so hot. As I pulled out i saw his big dick was throbbing and huge. 10 inches at least. I knew I had to get him off to. I started sucking his dick and it was dripping cum in my mouth and suddenly I realized he was going to cum. I kept sucking as he pumped my mouth full of cum as I struggled to take it. After that we pretend that nothing happened as we fell asleep. We fucked each other at night for a week. We only lived 50 miles away so I asked my wife to drive up and I kept my room. A while later Bob said he was going to stay in town to .We went to the office to get another room but there was none. We would have to share a room with my wife. I didn't take long for my wife to arrive. We told her we all had to sleep In one room which was a small room . We knew we would have to share the bed . I could see my wife was getting excited about the situation. That night my wife and I was laying in bed watching tv when Bob got out of the shower and i realized my wife was only wearing her panties and t shirt. We all knew what was going to happen. Pam moved to my cock and startedsucking me .Bob started stroking his cock as he watched her sucking my cock. Pam moved her knees spreading her ass giving Bob access to her ass and pussy. Bob moved in behind her and suddenly I heard Pam gasp and moan. She struggled to concentrate on sucking my cock as Bob drove his huge cock deeper and deeper in her pussy. She moaned as I pulled away my cock and told her to straddle his dick as I moved in and drove my cock in her ass. Pam went crazy as we both fucked her to insanity.

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  • My husband does not fuck me. I am looking for sex chat. Chat with me now:

  • Nice l want the same thing for me and my wife

  • Awesome wish I could get my wife on board with something like that

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