Our Camp Was Fill In For Five Years

The start of the affair was explained already. This post probably will not make publication too. My marriage stemmed from my wife’s deep depression. For five years prior the comment would be do not claw at me. There was no closeness or sexual intamacy. An affair is not a good thing, but as a man needing emotional as well as physical relations I fell to my weaknesses. I could write of many times both were satisfied. We had great sex many times in many places. One of my favorite times was in her small compact Ford. We tried in a small park near a small perfectly round lake. The mosquitoes were vicious so we drove to a seclude small wooded field and parked. I had to sit in the front passenger seat. She sat on my lap and did a vigorous lap dance. She used seats and her arms and went up and down hard on a very hard cock. I came so much when it all spurted out. There was so much it ran out of her and onto my crotch and lap. It has Ben hard to accept that I did it but it was a long time ago. She made me feel,like a virtual man for five years. If anyone wants to hear more times say so and I will do some.

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