Grandma Brush-Up

Last night while watching the super bowl at my wife’s grandparent’s house, I was sitting on the floor with my legs out straight in front of me. My son came and laid down next to me and my wife’s grandma came over to play with him. Well he jumped over my lap, and then my wife’s grandma leaned over my lap to tickle him. When she did, her tits rubbed across my cock and made it a little hard, so I slightly thrust up so she could feel it on her tits. Later when we left, I hugged her right and pulled her close into me and moaned a little bit in her ear. Since she doesn’t get any sex anymore, I think I’m gonna try to get her to suck my cock while I play with her tits.

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  • If she hasn't had sex in a long time, you are in for the best sex of your life. I don't know how old your grandmother is, but from my experience with older woman I have been with they gave award winning blowjobs, and still like to have a cock in her their hands to play with. My advice is to you is to not move too quickly. I usually start with a nice foot massage and has worked for me in the past. I guarantee she won't turn it down!

  • She’s 70, I think. I plan to try and take things a little slower to work up to the ultimate prize. Honestly it depends on the mood she’s in when I see her. Sometimes she gets really sad because her husband is an asshole, and those are times I’m gonna try and overplay helpful hero.

    I’m curious, in your experience, what’s the longest amount of time that a woman’s gone without sex before you? And how tight was her pussy? Did you need some extra lube to keep things moving comfortably?

  • If she still looks good, there is no reason you shouldn't try and get some granny pussy. It might be hard to get her alone so you may have to meet at a motel. Feel up those tits and suck her nipples before pounding her pussy until you cum in her pussy.

  • Man, you know I’d cum in that pussy! Too old for more kids, so why not give her the first shot of juice she’s had in years? I’d make her suck my dick after I cum in her. She’d probably do it. From what I’ve heard, she was pretty hot back in her day. Probably sucked a few dicks!

  • She probably leaned her tits on you on purpose. You should’ve reached up her top and gotten a handful.

  • I woulda reached up, but more people were in the room (wife included) and it woulda been super obvious! Also, I’m pretty sure she did do it on purpose. Last night she kept complimenting my haircut and saying how good I looked, then she told my wife to watch out or some other woman would steal me away. I shoulda told her next time we were alone that I’d take her to the bedroom and give her what she needs

  • I get away with groping my mil in public, it can be done if you think about it.
    I hope you can get to fuck her mate👍

  • If I get some action off her, it’s definitely getting posted on here.

  • Let's make a pact to what we can do with our mils and other milfs?

  • Deal!

  • My MIL came round yesterday so I did my usual, I passed the baby to her, as I do I cup her super large breast with my right hand, I squeezed a few times whilst saying have you got the baby?
    Only moment later, I was hard from groping her, I had to get passed her to get some milk, I said excuse me, and as I went by I held her hips and pushed my self in to her so she could feel my hard on, nothing g was said, so she must have enjoyed it?

    U feel a new relates of confidence knowing you and I are in this together

  • Nice idea! I’ll have to try those this weekend when I see both my MIL and GIL. I’d love to have the family trifecta (GIL, MIL, wife). I think it’ll be easier and safer to try on my GIL b/c her husband is a real ass to her and she hasn’t had dick in years. She has bouts where I’m pretty sure I could promise to take care of WHATEVER she needs, and she’d pick up on it and not hesitate.

  • How is it going mate?

  • On the MIL front: Gave her an extended boob swipe while taking my baby back from her last night. Then as we were leaving she gave me a tighter hug than usual and asked me if I could help her out with some stuff at her house soon. I’ll see what happens with that. Try to throw in some mildly suggestive comments and gauge her response.

    On the GIL front: Risky, but she and I have been texting this weekend. Nothing suggestive at this point, and I’ll probably try to keep it clean in case my wife sees my phone. My wife did ask why she was texting me, and her grandma said she’s allowed to text whoever she wants. We also enjoyed a little extra action while hugging yesterday. This will probably be a slower process, but the long seduction is always the most fun!

  • What was the action?

  • Reached down and rubbed my hand on her ass. She pressed her tits into my chest and kinda grinded a bit.

  • I'm proud of you mate, we have had a family do our selves and unexpectedly me and her were drinking, she just recently had I minor operation, so asked to see the scar, she has very large breasts.
    I said is it sensitive? She replied a bit I said do you mind? And went to touch anyway, as I was gently touching the top of her breast (gently stroking) I said is that painful? She said it a bit sore, what about the surrounding areas? She said errm!
    I stretched my hands down and started gently stroking and caressing, I just got to her nipple and I heard someone coming. I quickly retreated as I left the room the other people had there back to me, I faced her as I left and rubbed my trouser showing I was turned on

  • Won't be giving over my email, just go to top of the page or jump in to another page

  • If you ask nice, she might do that or more. It sounds like she didn't get freaked out by you, so there might be some promise.

  • Nice, good luck bud

  • Try sucking her tits first. Then slowly work her mouth to your cock.

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