Wet Diapers

I wet the bed all through HS and so had to wear. diapers too bed. This was very humiliating for a teen age boy. My secret got out thanks to my mother and younger sister. The kids in school called me pee pee pants or diaper boy and the bullies had a field day with me. They discovered that if they tickled me or twisted my arm or pulled my hair I might wet my pants in school. Then I had to take the walk of shame down to the nurses office to change into dry pants my mother had to leave there at all times. Anyway all this diaper humiliation has warped my mind, now I crave it like a drug. I want to be in wet diapers all the time. I love the feeling of a warm, soaked and heavy diaper slowly slipping down as I walk around. I like to go out in public with two or three diapers and plastic pants under my jeans so everyone will know what a pathetic diaper boy I am. I love wetting myself in public while talking to people. I always smell like baby lotion and powder. Im wet so much I sometimes get diaper rashes. I know people think im sick but im addicted and don't feel safe without a diaper. I go to doctors, massages, nude beach, bars all in diapers. Sometimes I let them show if I am wearing shorts. I confess to being a pee pee pants diaper boy in his fifties. I also really love being changed like a big baby outdoors or in the car or restrooms. I need it so bad I let anyone diaper me. Most women are really not into this so I have turned to gay men, even though im not gay. I have to get my humiliation fix every day. Finding a Daddy is important since I didnt have one when I was little. Its hard to find one in NJ, they all seem to live down south for some reason. Please don't mail me just to tell me im demented and sick, I know but im trying to turn lemons into lemonade, literally.

Jul 23
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    • It's crazy how things we had nightmares about as a kid turn into adult fantasies or fetishes. I was spanked alot as a child and now love light spankings, especially with a flog. I was also molested as a kid. Though I'd never moment a child, ever! I hated the molestation but loved the taste of cum. Now I'm straight married man, but I love the taste of cum, sadly only ever my own. I was also verbally abused as a child and I love my wife to humiliate me and verbal abuse me during sex. I'm her Clean up guy and always clean any messes I make in her or with my dick. We had a foster child move in with us as well. She made me smell her pussy through her panties and stockings. She'd make me wear them when my parents were out and tease me. She also would make me eat her pussy for her after her boyfriend would leave and she was full of cum. Though a horrible childhood, all those things became fetishes for me as an adult with the exception of putting my kids through that bullshit. I vowed to NEVER let that happen to the point I'd kill someone if they tried.

      Getting my wife to indulge hasn't been an easy task but She does do some of my kinks some just remain a fantasy. My ultimate fantasy would be having her tie me up and just do whatever she wanted. Peg me, spank me, gag me, piss on me, whatever except scat. That is a hard no! But I will eat ass as long as it's clean.

    • I'm a woman and I think it's hot that you pee on yourself. I'm so wet thinking about changing your dirty diaper. Email me some pics and I will email you some.

    • Are you one of those women that think men act like babies and should be kept in diapers or they will pee on the toilet seat and the floor. Me laying before you totally helpless legs spread, lifted and pushed up and back to lift my but up. You display my ass to those watching. Then you wipe my ass and pee pee with baby wipes. Then lots of baby lotion all over down there. Then tons of baby powder. Does it make you feel powerful to reduce a man to a helpless pathetic baby. So tell me what part makes you wet. I have some pics taken at a party, im getting changed on the floor. Drop me a line at ABOYDLNJ thats at The y site. I will send pics, or you could give me yours.

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