Older Wife

My wife after several drinks had sex with our friend .He slept over it was a all nighter . Now its a once a week thing . She has informed me he has a very large uncut penis 3" on mine and she enjoys sucking him off . When he leaves the next morning she comes and gets in our bed with her pussy streched and full of his sperm and she lets me have a courtesy fuck which I cum in minutes . She said after fucking him I felt small . At first his cock made her sore and raw and sucking him gave her lockjaw but she has mastered it and loves his big cock .Now she spends the day getting ready for his next few loads.

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  • My girlfriend and I both love to have a mmf we both love an extra cock to play with

  • Jealous!

  • I have been looking for a woman that will fuck other guys and feed me their cream pies but when I mention this to a new prospect they don't want to go out anymore.

  • My wife does not have to be drunk to fuck somebody else just horney. You would be surprise how many male friends I have now. They are always stopping by the house. I would say they have a 25% chance of leaving my house happier then went they arrived. She is one frigging hot slut. Not one day passes that she does not get me off some how some way.

  • That's my wife, a few drinks, maybe some weed and she will suck & fuck anyone.

  • Sounds like my wife if she ever does get drunk i know she will fuck any man i want her too and i sometimes want her to fuck one

  • Wish you was my neighbor your wife could come over any time and drink and smoke my weed any time

  • That is such a hot experience

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