Is it ok to feel weirded out?

For almost a year I've been in a very... "peculiar" relationship. I'm dating and living with a woman who was my junio high teacher, back when I was 14. I'm currently 25 and she's 40.
I've know for a while now that I'm more into older women, so my Tinder screen usually showed women aged 40 all the way up to 65. I had casual encounters every now and then, but I found a connection with her beyond just sex or the first date.

I had a crush on her back then, and I thought it would only be possible in my wildest fantasies for her to date me (finding out she was married back then was one of my first, illogical heartbreaks). I swiped right and to my surprise, a few hours later, she had swiped right too and greeted me admitting she had recognized me. I was very shy and it was kinda strange at first, but that initial date flowed smoothly afterwards. It wasn't long since she had been divorced and admitted she was looking for the lost passion wth younger men. Not long after we were at my place having INCREDIBLE sex. The chemistry was amazing, so we kept meeting up until our relationship became serious. My best friends were also her students, so they tease me sometimes, but nothing serious.

A few months into dating, I asked her if she had always been into younger men, and if me being her former student had factored in her choice to swipe right. She confessed that, actually, she had been very drawn to me since she met me. You know, when I was 14 and she was a married woman nearing 30. But mostly the first part. She got nervous when I pressed her on it. She said she'd always been drawn to slightly younger men, and that her ex was actually 7 years younger. But in my case, I looked older than my age, and she was drawn to my personality.

We've never discussed it again, but it makes me feel like the very fact our attraction happened is wrong. It doesn't get in the way of our relationship much, since shortly after we moved in together and are expecting a baby. But sometimes I wonder about it and it feels kinda wrong she was "drawn to me" back then.


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  • Nothing wrong with it. If she had acted when you were younger then yeah, but she behaved responsibly so no harm no foul. Much ado about nothing. Enjoy yourself young man.

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