I sucked my best friends c8ck

My best friend and I are both hanging out at his house ,its like 105 outside so we went in his pool . Afterward we go into his room and take off our bathing trunks and put on shorts . About a half hour later he says when we were changing you were staring at my cock , I saw you , I was embarrassed and said ,yeah , I was ,secretly comparing I guess, sorry . He said why hide it ,did you want to touch it ,see it, suck me ? . I was like a deer in the lights , I just stood there and said Im not gay but I was curious . So he took off his shorts and said you can play, it doesnt bother me . I very nervously reached out and touched his cock ,it was hard ,throbbing , felt better than when I jerkoff. He said suck it a little ,so with huge anticipation ,I slowly took the head in my mouth and closed my lips around it . He placed his hands on my head and slowly pushed it in and pulled back ,then in and pulled all the way out . He said to me ,and ? I said its actually different than I thought , smooth and hard at the same time . He says you want more ? Then slipped it back in and I sucked and licked his entire cock . Weird to say , I was actually enjoying it , but thinking I guess im a fag now , but didnt care at the moment .
When it was time for him to cum ,he said dude im close , I was in a daze ,I heard him say it,but it did not compute , and took spurt after spurt of his cum down my throat . He said what do you think . I said I loved it .
Now when I go over and his parents arent home , he will answer the door in shorts ,close the door and get naked , and I lick his cock, suck it ,play with his balls ,he loves having me sit on floor ,back to his bed ,and shove his cock all the way in ,i feel his balls on my chin and sometimes he holds it there .
Sometimes he give orders , lick my balls , jerk me , lick it ,suck me .
Being in our teens ,he cums a lot , and often . I can and have sucked him a few times in a single day . He never sucks me but I dont care . We both have girlfriends and I never get bored with his cock .


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  • I've got a friend who says that he's really straight cause he's the one fucking my boy pussy and that after the first time I became his sissy boy bitch!?

  • I was born without a birth defect and have no balls. My dick even at age 20 is only 2 inches, body mades too must estrogen so I'm mostly hairless and I look like a girl.

    I was 10, and worshiped my neighbor, he baby sat me and was16, on the football team, strong and beautiful. He kissed me one day and just said, "Your going to be a girl for me from now on". I was so afraid as he stripped me. He looked at me and held my ass. Saying it was sent and i was a beautiful girl and he liked my boy clit.

    He guided my mouth to his cock. He's big 9 inches, I barely could get my mouth around it. He told me what to do I never gagged I deep throated him. He started saying, Like that baby, like that. I'm going to cum in your mouth. I didn't know what he meant. Then he pulled almost all the way out and he moaned and came. He held my head tight, by instinct I just started to swallow. He just said your a good girl for me. You body knows its made to be with only me. He was right, i had no gag reflex, i loved the taste of his cum. An hour later we had anal, it didn't never hurt. God made me to be a sex object for him.

    Ten years later, and I'm his bitch. I got boobs for him and have been a 24/7 sissy since age 14. I live with him and kept naked most times and must wear a butt plug. He works from home and takes me constantly, i love being with him and his "girl". Anal from him makes my boy cllt cum.

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